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    Information Technology Management Services Help You Stay One Step Ahead

    By: Marco
    July 14, 2020

    information_technology_management_servicesOne of the most important components of business is managing your technology, as well as the technological trends that are occurring in the industry. Monitoring all of these variables can be a huge hassle when you’re trying to run a business. You may find that there are a myriad of hidden benefits that you can gain by engaging in a Managed IT services relationship. Here are five surprising advantages to outsourcing your information technology management:

    #1: Stay Ahead of the Game with Increased Efficiency

    Many businesses operate using the “firefighting method” of responding to technological issues. This can be draining for staff, and an inefficient use of talent and resources. Managed services providers possess mature toolsets and experience, and are equipped to prevent and handle any IT “fires” more effectively. Events that are causing user problems are automatically reported and then dealt with accordingly. Resulting service improvements often surprise staff and managers when they realize just how inefficient their prior technology management system was.

    #2: Reduce Downtime and Risk with Managed Services

    Tracking and recovery of IT issues are major benefits for most companies; but, many issues can be prevented before they become a problem with Managed Services. The robust tools available through Managed Services assist in the discovery and elimination of issues often before downtime occurs, saving you time and money.

    In addition, Managed Services can even help prevent you from business failure due to data loss, which is a risk many businesses have because they haven’t implemented proper disaster planning and recovery tactics. Research shows that many companies without a plan go out of business shortly after a major loss of data. Data protection is vital to success in today’s world; Managed Services can help.

    #3: Access Capacity Planning Information

    With Managed Services, you have tools that are constantly monitoring the performance of your file systems space, database size, network bandwidth and more, which allows you to more effectively plan. Because all the above information is saved, you’ll be able to analyze trends and performance or capacity associated with specific devices, databases or users. This makes it much easier to make educated and informed decisions about your future performance and capacity needs.

    #4: Real-Time Patch Management

    Your staff is likely busy with a variety of “priority” responsibilities; patch management may not be included in this category. However, it is an important responsibility, for security and performance reasons. Without patch management your organization may be at risk for downtime and security vulnerabilities. Creating a strategy and following through with patch installations is essential for your employees to remain up-and-running and productive. Managed Services can help you manage and monitor this process.

    #5: Monitor and Manage the Health of Your Infrastructure

    There are many small things that can make a huge difference in the efficient management of your company’s IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, many of these fall through the cracks due to lack of time, resources or knowledge. Managed Services include periodic reviews that can address these issues. This will keep you well informed of anything that could potentially put your IT environment at risk.

    One of the primary components of Managed IT Services is risk mitigation. For example, knowing when devices are nearing the end of their lifespans and when operating systems require upgrades allows them to be dealt with in a timely manner that works with your staff schedule.

    Additionally, with Managed Services you can be made aware of potential issues that could become a problem in the future. With this advanced knowledge, you and your Managed Services provider can implement processes to prevent or handle these specific situations efficiently. 

    You may not have considered all of these benefits when contemplating your IT management needs, but these benefits can save you time, money and unnecessary headaches. Managed Services has the ability to make your life a little (in some cases, a lot) less stressful and allow you and your staff to focus on your priorities. Request an assessment of your business IT to determine how your business could benefit.


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