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    Increase Efficiency by Enabling Your Team to Print from Anywhere

    By: Marco
    January 22, 2014

    mobile_printing_3Successful businesses need to use and continually implement new technology solutions to stay relevant and efficient in their industry. The evolution of the smart phone and its adoption is a prime example of how technology changed the way we do business, now and in the future.

    One of the capabilities smart phones can now provide is mobile printing. With mobile printing we can print from anywhere. You simply need to send your data or document wirelessly to a printer that has this functionality via your smart phone.

    Mobile printing is easy and convenient and here are some key benefits it can provide your business.

    Benefits of Printing from Anywhere

    Save Time and Money

    For example, you’re reviewing a contract in a meeting with a client at their office. You can make adjustments and changes as you discuss them. At the end of your meeting you can print your edited document from your smartphone and give a copy to the client or to have them sign the dotted line. You have now just saved the additional time typically needed to return to your office to make the necessary changes.

    This is just one of many scenarios that occur every day in business. Smartphones and mobile printing allow you to work in the moment, which can save your business and your customer’s time.  After all, time is money, right?

    Stay Connected With the Workplace

    Mobile printing allows employees to stay connected to their workplace printers allowing them to print from wherever they are. Today, a lot of work is done outside of the office. According to, “1.2 billion people (or 35% of the workforce population) are expected to work from someplace other than their desks.” Many employees work at home, in remote locations and while traveling. Mobile computing makes it possible for employees to access their work, work resources and now printing outside the office.

    Print from Anywhere: Factors to Consider

    As always, in addition to the benefits new technology offers, there will be challenges and frustrations to overcome. The support of a Managed Print Services provider can take the stress off your team and allows the experts to manage and support the transition. 

    Network Security

    One of those concerns with mobile printing is network security. Your internal IT staff or print provider will assist you in setting up a secure mobile printing environment so only authorized users can access your network and your printers. 

    mobile_printing_2BYOD Challenges

    When you enable mobile printing in your business you’ll need to be prepared for the wide variety of mobile devices your staff and visitors may wish to use. Our CIO, Steve Knutson, wrote a blog about managing mobility in your business. His article extends beyond printing, but similar concerns need to be addressed when configuring your print environment. He stated,

    "The first step to managing the BYOD in your organizations is evaluating your infrastructure. The number of office locations, wireless access points and potential peak users you have determine what you will need on the back end to ensure you have what you need for your operations."

    The next step is to determine how much your organization would like to regulate access. Most organizations opt to segment their network to protect what they need to operate while providing wireless access for guests.

    A print provider can help you configure your network and print environment to enable proper device configuration and access, while keeping security a priority.

    If you need help adding a mobile print environment to your business, consult with a print specialist.

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