Increase Efficiency by Enabling Your Team to Print from Anywhere

By: Marco
January 22, 2014

mobile_printing_3Successful businesses need to use and continually implement new technology solutions to stay relevant and efficient in their industry. The evolution of the smartphone is a prime example of how technology changed the way we do business.

One of the capabilities smartphones provide is mobile printing. With mobile printing, employees can print from anywhere. They simply need to send their data or document wirelessly to a printer that has this functionality.

Mobile printing is easy and convenient, and offers some key benefits for any business.

Benefits of Printing from Anywhere

Save Time and Money

Printing from a mobile device can save time and money. For example, if an employee is reviewing a contract in a meeting with a client at their office, the employee can make adjustments and changes as they discuss them. At the end of the meeting the employee can print the edited document from their smartphone and give a copy to the client or have them sign on the dotted line. That saves the additional time typically needed to return to the office to make the necessary changes and eliminates setting up another meeting for signing the document. Smartphones and mobile printing allow employees to work in the moment, which can save a business and their clients time; and time is money, right?

Stay Securely Connected when working remotely

When the pandemic began in March 2020, many industries switched from employees working in the office to employees working from home. Today, a lot of work is now done outside of the office. Having an agile workforce has become the new work place environment for many offices. Secure networks makes it possible for employees to access their work securely and now print from outside the office.

A Managed Print Services provider can work with your business or your internal IT staff to set up a secure mobile printing environment, so only authorized users can access your network and your printers. 

Get the answers you need

A Managed Print provider helps businesses configure their network and technology to ensure proper access, while keeping security a priority. For help with upgrading the mobile print environment at your business, consult with a Marco print specialist.

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