How To Take Advantage Of Sourcewell [Video]

By: Marco
December 14, 2020

Taking advantage of Sourcewell contracts can be pretty impactful. If you’re unfamiliar with Sourcewell or wondering how to benefit, take a moment to watch my newest video. In it, I cover what you need to know:

What Does Sourcewell Do?

If someone were to ask, what does Sourcewell do? The simplest answer would be this: they go through the RFP process on behalf of our customers. The RFP (Request for Proposals) process is something that nonprofits, educational institutions and governmental entities have to go through in order to buy the things they need. 

These things – or stuff, if you prefer – are necessary items like roofing, vehicles, office equipment and unified communication technologies. Typically, when a nonprofit or government entity needs to purchase something, they go through a public procurement process where RFPs need to be written. And sometimes, organizations and entities have to hire consultancy firms in order to help them navigate the RFP process.

Sourcewell leverages the buying power of more than 50,000 government, education and nonprofit organizations to pre-negotiate the cost of goods, products and services. They then make those goods, products and services available for purchase via contract purchasing.

Sourcewell Contract Purchasing

But with Sourcewell contracts, nonprofits, educational institutions and governmental entities are able to skip through the entire RFP process and focus their resources, energy and budget dollars on procuring and implementing their new products, which is much better than depleting their resources just searching for the best product available.

Benefits Of Cooperative Purchasing

With Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing, eligible Marco customers are able to procure the technology they need through a Sourcewell contract confidently. Then, they can work with Marco on the implementation of services with pre-negotiated labor prices already determined.

After all, buying technology is one thing, but having a trustworthy partner to help you install, train employees and maintain the technology throughout its lifecycle is another. For instance, purchasing a unified communication system will last you a very long time, but over its lifecycle, it still requires management, maintenance and end user support. That’s where Marco comes in.

If you’re already a Marco customer, feel free to mention Sourcewell contracts to your current account manager.

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