How To Convince Your Boss You Need Print Management

By: Marco
May 11, 2023

Print-related help desk calls take up a great deal of your team, you’re behind on applying important security patches, and you’re stuck in a continuous cycle of break/fix IT and can’t seem to get ahead. 

But the worst part? There’s an easy solution that would give you the time you need to resolve issues once and for all, and that same solution would also save your organization money, reduce waste, reduce workplace frustration, and make your boss look pretty good in the process. But you already recommended managed print services, and the powers that be said no.  

I’m 100% here for this. 

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6 Great Arguments for Managed Print Services (MPS)  

1. Your Expertise Could Help Drive More ROI for the Company

This probably is no surprise to you, but a recent study by Gartner found that 40% of an IT team’s workload is print-related. 

What could you do with 40% of your week back? These tasks might serve your company better in the long run: 

  • Help your company save money through optimizations
  • Automate manual tasks that can save even more time
  • Look into tools that will help you manage documents more securely and reduce onboarding time
  • Finally get that cloud migration taken care of
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risks, like unpatched software
  • Move out of a break/fix model of IT and into a new way of working with far fewer disruptions

2. IT Burnout Leads to Expensive HR Nightmares

It’s hard to find someone who was living their best life during the height of the pandemic, but remote work and the escalation of cybercrime caused a never-ending nightmare for most IT departments, and the resulting burnout among IT teams is well-documented. Recruiting and retaining top IT personnel is a huge challenge for HR departments, and it’s likely to remain that way for quite some time. 

If your boss would like to hold onto the talent that’s already there, the cheapest way to do that is to make their workload more manageable. Better yet — specifically remove the type of help desk call your IT team hates most in the world. 

3. You Could Be More Responsive to Other Help Desk Calls

An IT team that’s chronically backed up taking care of printer issues causes more frustration for all end users, including long resolution times, recurring issues, frequent disruptions, and more. 

In other words: 


4. Managed Print Will Help Your Boss Look Good 

How’s this for a resume update? 

  • Cut print costs by 30%
  • Increased productivity company-wide
  • Reduced energy expenditures and waste
  • Eliminated unauthorized use of company printing equipment
  • Secured client data and reduced multiple areas of risk
  • Improved the overall employee experience
  • Automated print-related tasks (like supply ordering, scheduling maintenance, and, depending on the provider, applying security-related patches)

Not bad! 

That’s what your boss could get just from contracting with an expert MPS provider. Of course, all providers are not the same. At Marco, we have a dedicated print security team. In addition to providing security-related patch management, we can also help with decommissioning, updating default admin passwords, and more. 

5. Even More Time and $$ Can Be Saved by Ditching Print Servers 

Maintaining print servers is expensive and time-consuming, and what if your company never had to replace one of them ever again? Whatever will you do with that additional $10,000 per server? I’m sure your boss will think of something. 

Your MPS provider can set you up with PrinterLogic, which eliminates the need for print servers and allows you to manage your fleet from one central platform. You can choose whether or not to tell them that with PrinterLogic, end users can install new printers without your help. I’ll leave that up to you. 

Learn more about PrinterLogic in this video: 

Eliminate Print Servers and Centrally Manage Direct IP Printing

6. Lax Print Security Could Get You Breached

I previewed a bit of this earlier, but does your boss know about the risks associated with networked printers? Outside the IT world, a lot of people don’t understand that as modern printers are networked devices, they represent a potential entry point to your entire system. 

An MPS provider that also includes print security as part of their core offering can help you significantly reduce the risk to your business. Unfortunately, cybersecurity tends to be one of those things that some people ignore until something awful happens. 

Here are some hair-raising stats to help you drive the point home: 

  • In 2021, 68% of organizations experienced data losses due to unsecure printing practices.
  • The average cost of a print-related data breach is over $734,000.

Finding the Right MPS Provider

Finding an MPS provider you can trust doesn’t require any additional research on your part. But you don’t have to simply take our word on that. We’ve completed a SOC 2 Type 2 examination of our Managed Print Services to confirm our security, availability, and confidentiality. 

We’ll start with a complimentary print assessment so we can wow your boss right away with all the money and time they’ll save. They’ll get to look good to the entire company, and you won’t look so bad yourself. 

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