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    How Sound Systems for Schools Can Enhance Learning and School Spirit

    By: Dan Olk
    February 4, 2015

    Sound systems for schools are designed to ensure that everyone in the building is capable of hearing a message loud and clear, whether it is delivered to the entire school or focused on the occupants of a particular room. As your school considers installing a new system or upgrading its current sound system, it is worth spending some time researching the various systems available, and determining which ones will meet your needs. 

    Below you’ll find an introduction to the various school sound systems and basic differences about their operation and the benefits of using them in your educational environment.

    Paging Systems

    sound_systems_for_schoolsA paging system is a critical piece of audio infrastructure in every school. This type of sound system has been in use in schools for decades, allowing teachers and administrators to communicate messages to the entire school.

    Paging systems are used for a variety of purposes. Among the most common are to send out emergency messages, make daily announcements (such as student birthdays, recognizing team achievements, announcing upcoming events) or to simply call students to the office.

    Typically there are one or two speakers per classroom, with others located in the hallways, bathrooms and other common areas of the building. Traditional systems had one centrally located microphone; today’s modern paging system is connected to the school’s telephone infrastructure. This allows the principal, teachers and administrators to communicate messages to the entire school by picking up a phone and entering the access code.

    Classroom Systems

    A classroom system is one designed for use in individual rooms throughout the school. For example, music classrooms may require advanced speakers to allow students to listen to recorded music without sacrificing quality. Alternatively, a standard classroom system may require various speakers throughout the space to help students clearly hear videos that are playing or lectures being given through the room’s microphone. 

    The number of speakers in each classroom will depend on the size of the room and the purpose for which they will be used. An effectively designed sound system ensures that all students can hear the teacher during presentations, students during speeches, audio during movies and so on. Classroom sound systems are designed to enhance the learning environment of students. 

    Gym Systems

    sound_system_for_schools_2Pep rallies are a staple in American high schools. Homecoming week, for example, is meant to evoke school and community pride, and students enjoy the opportunity to get out of the classroom during school hours to gather in the gym for a pep rally.

    School gyms are also often used to host events, from weekly basketball games to daily volleyball practice to prom, and everything in between. These are exciting occasions that draw crowds of all sizes. The sound system within your gym is an essential element to engaging and entertaining every person on the court and in the bleachers.

    In such a large space, it is important to have the proper system installed. Multiple large speakers are required to ensure all corners of the gymnasium can hear the message, amps boost the entertainment value of the music being played and good microphones prevent the message from getting lost in the static.


    Audio technicians enjoy the challenge of designing and installing a sound system that can increase school spirit, enhance learning environments and open communication channels to everyone in the building. For more information about these sound system options, request an assessment.

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