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    How Do I Know if Marco Should Be My Managed IT Partner?

    By: Dustin Bonn
    September 1, 2017

    When you're searching for an IT partner, how do you know who to choose? With the popularity of vendor-managed IT solutions, there's no shortage of companies offering IT services to organizations of all sizes. Here's why Marco is the best choice for Managed IT Services. 

    Advantages of Partnering with Marco for Managed IT

    How Do I Know if Marco Should Be My Managed IT Partner?Here at Marco, we offer a comprehensive approach to Managed IT. It's easy for our current customers to recognize the value of the services they receive, but what about all of those potential customers?

    Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose to work with Marco for Managed IT ...

    Proven Track Record and Industry Experience

    We continuously collect data, perform analytics and report findings back to our clients. All Managed IT customers receive a business review every six months. These reports offer a window into what is and isn'tworking within an organization. We can identify areas of frustration by tracking high ticket volumes, equipment that needs to be updated and employees who require additional training. 

    Expertise in Emerging Tech

    We stay up-to-date with any and all IT regulation changes, across each of the industries we serve. When new software and services emerge, our team can determine whether or not they will be helpful to your organization and advise you on whether or not to adopt them. 

    Customer Input Matters

    Every six months, we invite about twelve of our current Managed IT clients to participate in the Managed IT Advisory Council. This council focuses on discussing any issues related to IT services and uncovering way to give our customers better service. It's one of the ways we keep a pulse on how our customers want to consume our services and how we can continue to meet their expectations. 

    Depth of Staff

    When you work with Marco for your Managed IT needs, you have an entire team dedicated to taking care of your business's IT. That means your IT is not dependent on a single person. We have the people, resources and experience to keep your internal IT operating at optimum levels.

    Additionally, this means that if someone on our team retires, takes a vacation or finds employment elsewhere, we have the staff in place to ensure there is no negative effect on your Managed IT Services. 

    These are some of the top reasons why Marco makes a great partner for Managed IT Services. To learn more about how your business can benefit, contact a Marco rep.

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