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    How Big Data Plays a Role in Your Business Printing

    By: Dan Larkin
    February 8, 2018

    We are certainly in the age of big data. The sheer amount of data that is digitized, transferred and stored is enough to make just about anybody's head spin. And in today's businesses, office printers play a large role in managing all that data. Sure, printers are used to print out documents, but they're also used to add information to an organization's network. It happens every time you use the scan function. So, with all of the data surrounding your print device, how do you ensure confidential data stays confidential?

    Here is what you need to know about big data and your business print environment ...

    Sensitive Data and Business Printing

    How Big Data Plays a Role in Your Business PrintingThere are a few ways data can be intercepted in a print environment. The most common way is having a print job laying out on the office copier or printer. When you have a shared print device, your data is vulnerable during the time between when you click print and when you physically collect the document. Depending on the sensitivity of the document, even the moments you're walking to the printer can be too long - the amount of time increases if you stop to get a coffee, use the restroom or receive a phone call. In those scenarios, a document could be seen, intercepted or even tossed in the garbage or recycling bin. 

    Multi-function print devices and many of today's printers store their print jobs on a hard drive. When an old office printer is switched out for a new device, its hard drive still houses your company's data. If it fell into the wrong hands, it's possible for someone to hack their way in and pull the data. 

    Depending on how your office printer is configured, it could also be used to enter information into your organization's private network. For instance, one-touch buttons are a convenient and easy way for you to scan and distribute information, but if an unauthorized user was able to access your printer, they could scan information into your network and make it look like it was entered and distributed by an employee. 

    In all of these scenarios, confidential data can be compromised. So, how do you securely print so that you're not letting data get into the wrong hands? 

    Protect Big Data with Managed Print Services

    If you're in an industry where secure printing is a priority, Marco's Managed Print Services can develop a secure print environment based on the specific needs of your business. We can implement specific software that works with your print devices to guard your business against the scenarios I outlined above, plus other instances where your company's data could be compromised. 

    Would you like to see a few examples of how we've implemented Managed Print Services to help our customers accomplish their business goals? Download our Managed Print Case Study Collection here: 

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