Here's How the Marco Managed IT Advisory Council Benefits Customers

By: Dustin Bonn
June 13, 2017

When you provide ongoing services to customers, there are few things as valuable as real, honest feedback. But just like Eric from Kanzu Code said, "the challenge for organizations is whether they actually put this feedback to good use for the benefit of the customer and the organization." As service providers, we truly want to know how to do better, be better and serve our customers in the best ways possible. While there are limits to what we can understand as service providers, hearing directly from our customers gives us an added perspective for decision-making. In order to make it easier to learn from our Managed IT clients, we created the Managed IT Advisory Council. 

What is the Managed IT Advisory Council?

Here's how the Marco Managed IT Advisory Council Benefits CustomersEvery six months, Marco's Managed IT Advisory Council holds a meeting to discuss services. We invite about a dozen of our current clients, the people who use Marco Managed IT within their organizations, and we have a discussion.

The discussion is an opportunity to talk about issues we're facing and discover ways to deliver better service. Basically, we ask for the input of our customers to see how we can address issues and improve services. And, while there is some overlap in who attends from meeting to meeting, we always try to ensure a few new clients attend each time. 

The Impact of the Advisory Council

In the two years since we started the Managed IT Advisory Council, we've used client feedback to modify how we provide services to organizations, create new roles within our company and add solutions to our current offerings. Beyond that, it gives us a direct way to understand how our customers want to consume our services and how we can meet their expectations. 

How Our Customers Benefit

These advisory council meetings provide an opportunity to share any problems, frustrations or wishlist items long before they become problematic. And when our customers are kind enough to share their feedback, we listen. We take note of what is discussed or suggested, and we are very intentional about acting upon it. It's important for Marco Managed IT customers to know that their opinions matter.

By regularly soliciting and receiving customer feedback, we're able to adapt and upgrade our services to continuously meet the always evolving needs of our Managed IT customers. It helps us stay ahead of the curve, and it helps our customers receive top-notch services. 

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