Don't Limit Linda: Missing Toner [Video]

By: Dan Larkin
August 8, 2018

Running out of things you rely on is tough, especially when it’s something that’s supposed to be there. When it happens at home, it can be annoying, but when it happens at the office, it can be much, much worse. In this video, we’re back with Linda who’s running low on a few things… including patience.


Running Out of Toner

While we won’t stock your breakroom fridge or refill a paper towel dispenser, Marco’s Managed Print Services can make finding a printer out of toner a thing of the past. Print monitoring software keeps track of toner levels on all the devices making up your print network.

When a cartridge starts to get low, copier toner refills are automatically shipped to your location. There’s no need to pay attention to toner levels, order replacements, risk running out or find someone to blame. Instead, all there is to do is use your print devices without worrying you’ll be out of toner.  

If you’ve felt your fair share of frustration from running out of toner – or dealing with printer-related issues – don’t end up like Linda. Instead, have your copier and printer needs taken care of by a specialist.

And in case you’re wondering, Linda will be back one more time this month. In the meantime, #DontLimitLinda

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