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    Don't Limit Linda: An Eternity on Hold [Video]

    By: Trevor Akervik
    August 27, 2018

    How much time have you spent on hold for help desk services? If you’re anything like Linda, it’s been about an eternity. Watch how Linda makes the best of her time on hold for IT support.


    Waiting for Help Desk Services

    Needing IT assistance is one thing; waiting for it is another. Luckily, avoiding the “dreaded hold” doesn’t have to be your reality. At Marco, we maintain a 98 percent live answer call rate for our help desk services. By continuing to listen to our customers and build services that meet their needs, we understand the value in connecting with a real, live person when you need technology help. Our help desk outsourcing services do just that.

    With IT being one of the fastest growing workplace segments, it just makes sense that businesses and end users need support.

    Instead of Waiting

    When employees aren’t stuck on hold, they’re able to focus on workplace tasks instead of twiddling their thumbs. Plus, we’re able to solve most issues remotely, which drastically reduces downtime. If you’re like Linda and would prefer to not spend your workday on hold, consider Managed IT Services and download this checklist to see if the service is right for your business. And remember, #DontLimitLinda

    Will Your Business Benefit from Managed IT Services?  Get Your Checklist Now

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