Client Business Review

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A Clear Picture of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services with Marco isn’t just a service - it’s a partnership. And the client business review forms a very important component of that partnership. It provides an ongoing, inside look at not only what services we’re providing your company, but a clear picture of how those services are being provided. Here’s how it works…

Business Technology Reporting

Every six months from the start of your service, we hold a client business review. During the review, you’ll sit down with your Marco technology advisor and go over information related to your service.

The review includes details about your network, desktops, servers, storage backup and disaster recovery systems. Plus, all the monitoring and tracking of your IT environment is turned into data that shows just how Managed IT Services is impacting your businesses. There’ll be information related to ticket submissions, service visits and security components, and it’ll all be organized in a way that is clear and relevant to you and your business.

Identify Opportunities to Improve

The client business review is a time to discuss metrics, review goals and make any adjustments to your services. These ongoing meetings mean you always know what is or isn’t working within your organization and what steps you can take to keep moving forward.

As your Managed Services provider, we’re always looking for ways to improve how your services are delivered, and any trends for improvement we uncover will be brought up at the review. For instance, a high volume of tickets in a particular area can help us identify employees in need of additional training or malfunctioning equipment. These are two examples of workflow problems that are so simple to fix, once you’re aware of them. And through business technology reporting, we can uncover and resolve them.

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