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    Discover the True Cost of Your Retail Printers with MPS

    By: Dan Larkin
    November 8, 2016

    In many businesses and areas of industry, overall print costs are relatively unknown. And it’s been my experience that if you’re unaware of how much you’re spending on something, you’re probably spending too much. For example, the costs associated with retail print environments go well beyond that of paper, toner and repairs. 

    Discover the True Cost of Your Retail Printers with Managed Print Services (MPS)Managed Print Services (MPS) Uncovers Print Costs

    While printing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about saving money in a retail business, it is worth your consideration. Printing is an essential function in retail businesses. Imagine areas like customer service or shipping and receiving functioning without a printer. I can practically see workflow screeching to a halt.

    When a retail business’s printer isn’t functioning, neither is the business. Any downtime that affects retail workflow is directly affecting your bottom line. Not to mention the risks involved if downtime affects a customer’s experience or ability to make a transaction.

    Beyond in-store expenses, malfunctioning printers affect corporate workflow as well. Without a managed print services solution, all those requests, complaints and invoices go directly to corporate’s IT department, which pulls them away from accomplishing other valuable tasks.   

    Get the Most Out of Your Retail Print Environment with MPS

    Discovering what your retail print environment is really costing you comes down to identifying the variables directly and indirectly affected by printing and print devices. Additionally, device-related issues also contribute to print expenses. Outdated retail printers, especially ones over eight years old, no longer have readily available replacement parts made for them. This can make even standard repairs much more difficult.

    Another common issue is printer placement. Positioning the most capable retail printers in high-volume areas and less capable printers placed in low-volume areas can significantly extend their usable life.

    Another variable in calculating print cost is maintenance vs. service. As any experienced technician can tell you, it’s much more cost-effective to be proactive about printer maintenance than to be reactive about printer repair. With the proactive approach, you’re saving on personnel costs and keeping workflow uninterrupted.

    Managed Print Services Assessment

    While no company is immune to system outages and downtime, there are steps you can take to guard yourself against these losses. One of the ways retail businesses are taking charge is by scheduling a managed print assessment. During a managed print services assessment, a print specialist collects and reviews usage data and determines areas for implementing cost-saving initiatives. The comprehensive reporting along with print assessments identifies additional areas for improvement.

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