Proactive vs. Reactive Print Planning [Infographic]

By: Dan Larkin
January 10, 2023

Print planning includes installing, maintaining, and servicing print devices. It also includes purchasing consumables like toner and ensuring the employees who use print equipment have access to support if any problems arise. 

While there are many different components that go into print planning, there are two main ways businesses get it done: 

  1. Proactive print planning
  2. Reactive print planning

Whether you choose a reactive or proactive printing strategy, that decision has a significant impact on your organization. The comparison chart highlights the difference between the two strategies.

Print Planning Comparison Chart


How Managed Print Services Helps Your Entire Business

Reactive printing places a lot of burdens on your staff, and basic troubleshooting is a big one. 40 – 60% of help desk calls at most organizations are printer-related. If you have an internal IT team or just a tech-savvy staff member, you can imagine how much more productive they could be with this frustrating task taken off their plate. 

Conversely, a managed print services provider can monitor your network and remotely solve most issues before they cause big disruptions, and they can install print software to reduce waste and boost security. It’s one of those rare services that makes everyone in the office happy, and it even helps pay for itself.  Managed Print Services (MPS) from Marco typically save clients up to 30% in print costs

Finding the Right Managed Print Provider

As managed print has become more popular, more businesses are offering this helpful service. However, not all managed print providers are the same

Print security is a hot topic as many companies have suffered data breaches, were found to be in violation of government and agency regulations, and been the target of class action lawsuits — all because they didn’t properly secure their printers. Unfortunately, most providers still don’t offer print security services as part of their regular offering. But in this day and age, it shouldn’t be considered optional. 

At Marco, we have a dedicated print security team to offer our clients services like updating default admin passwords, secure decommissioning, and much more. We’ve also taken the important step of achieving a SOC 2 Type 2 report for our print services. That way, you don’t have to wonder if we’re consistently following best practices to keep your sensitive data safe. An independent auditor evaluated our services and reported their findings

If you’re looking for ways to save money, increase security, reduce frustration, and make your business more productive (and be the new office hero), let’s talk! 

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