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    Comparison Chart: Proactive Vs Reactive Print Planning [Infographic]

    By: Dan Larkin
    June 18, 2018

    Any business that relies on printing also has to take part in print planning. Print planning includes installing, maintaining and servicing print devices. It also includes purchasing consumables like toner and ensuring the employees who use print equipment have access to support if any problems arise. While there are many different components that go into print planning, there are two main ways businesses get it done:

    1. Proactive print planning
    2. Reactive print planning

    Whether you choose a reactive or proactive printing strategy, that decision has a significant impact on your organization. To illustrate how managing a print environment is different when things are handled proactively vs. reactively, I put together the following comparison chart.

    Print Planning Comparison Chart


    Proactive Printing Vs. Reactive Printing

    As you can see from the examples in the comparison chart, a reactive approach to print planning involves significant effort from you or someone within your organization. If a problem occurs, it’s on someone’s plate until a resolution is found. Additionally, any amount of downtime caused by printer issues is going to interrupt workflow and increase employee frustration.

    Alternatively, a proactive approach to print planning allows you to hand the responsibility of managing your print environment over to qualified print professionals. These print professionals will monitor your network and remotely solve most issues before any problems have the opportunity to slow your organization down.

    Needs like finding the right print software or replacement devices are also taken care of by a qualified print professional, not the employee who happens to be the most tech-savvy.

    Is Your Print Planning Proactive or Reactive?

    With Managed Print Services (MPS), we take a proactive approach to print planning, which can reduce your print environment’s operating costs by up to 30 percent. MPS takes the burden of print management off of your plate and puts it in the capable hands of print professionals.

    Would you like to know more about which print devices would work best in your print environment? Try our interactive tool:

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