7 Top Challenges UCaaS Can Solve for Businesses

By: Chris Darr
October 5, 2023

Thinking back over the course of your career, how many significant problems do you think could have been prevented or solved much quicker if you had only gotten better communication? If your experience is similar to most people's, the answer is a lot. 

When the pandemic hit, many companies had to rethink how they would maintain good communication with their employees, their customers, and their stakeholders. UCaaS used to be one of those technologies that many small to midsize companies didn’t think they needed. But once more organizations started using it, it became clear just how many big problems it could solve. 

1. Poor Communication and Collaboration 

Poor communication

86% of employees in leadership positions blame lack of collaboration as the top reason for workplace failures. 

It’s easy to mishear or misremember something that was said, it’s difficult to understand someone’s tone from an email or have a quick exchange, and you can’t see someone’s reactions when you’re on the phone. 

No single form of communication is perfect, and toggling between various apps is frustrating. However, by bundling multiple tools together within the same platform, UCaaS platforms make it easier than ever to track conversations, collaborate quickly, set a meeting, and see who’s available.  

2. A Lack of Innovation 

Successful collaboration at work improves innovation by 30%.

You read that right. Lots of companies value innovation, but few understand that they can’t just demand it. They need to nurture it. Contrary to the popular saying, great minds don’t always think alike. But when different approaches, different experiences, and different ideas come together, that’s when new and exciting things tend to happen more often. 

3. Remote Work and Siloed Locations Resolving Communication Issues in the Workplace with UCaaS

More and more work occurs in multiple locations like satellite offices, coffee shops, hotel rooms, airports, and homes. UCaaS makes communication easy regardless of location by making all applications available on any device from anywhere. With UCaaS, you can join the office, the fieldworker, the traveling salesperson, and the client all in one multi-media conference.

4. Cultural and Generational Differences

While it won’t bridge all cultural differences, making communications device-neutral allows employees to accommodate their preferences. End users can also use UCaaS features that feel most comfortable. 

5. Hierarchy-Related Barriers

There has been a fair amount of research discussing how computer-aided communication can break down hierarchical communication patterns and get more people involved in more conversations. UCaaS can help get everyone involved in a meeting, even if they don't speak. By providing instant polling, voting, and questions via a chat window, attendees have direct access to providing input, information, and approval.

6. Inaccuracies and Inadequate Knowledge

You can keep everyone informed with instant training sessions made possible through UCaaS. If people are miscommunicating due to a lack of knowledge, you can set up an impromptu educational workshop by getting them on chat, sharing your screen with them, walking them through the information, and even giving them control of the screen while you act as a tutor.

7. High Turnover

Disengaged office

Businesses with well-connected teams reduce employee turnover rates by 50%.

Engaged employees tend to stick around longer. While team-building events and volunteering opportunities are great, making it easy for team members to form stronger relationships with one another and help each other on a daily basis is key to building a better workplace culture. 

For all the talk of digital communication hindering our ability to engage with others, these tools have finally gotten a chance to demonstrate their real worth. But which tools you use matters, and it matters how your employees use them.

The Ultimate UCaaS Solution 

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