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    A Digital Print Press Can Save You Thousands on Short Run Printing

    By: Marco
    May 20, 2014

    Have you ever gotten stuck behind a 12-page, full color, 500 copy print project? It usually happens when your print is only a single page and you need it right now. This delay could throw off your meeting schedule. Unfortunately at this point, there is nothing you can do about it.

    digital_print_pressBut wait – there is! A digital print press could be a solution to this problem. A digital print press operates between your one-project-at-a-time office printer and a traditional offset printing press. It allows you to get commercial grade printing capabilities while not blowing your entire budget by using outsourced offset printing. Here are three of the most important benefits of using a digital printing press.

    Save Your Money

    A traditional, offset printing press works by using large plates to transfer the image to paper. Because of the massive set up costs, an offset print press is only cost-effective when used for large print runs.

    By contrast, a digital printing press works by transferring the image directly from your computer to the paper. As such, you can use a digital print press for smaller runs – like the 500 brochure example mentioned above. The lack of set up costs results in hundreds or thousands of dollars saved, which gives your business a much more attractive bottom line.

    Save Time

    Instead of opting for a digital print press, some businesses try to print all of their documents from their inkjet or laser printer. Unfortunately, while these machines may print quickly, they're not designed to handle high volume print jobs. What may only be a difference of minutes for a print run of five documents becomes a difference of hours for a print run of five hundred documents. A typical digital press machine can print off 500 copies of a 12 page booklet in 75 minutes. That time includes both saddle stitching and folding – something few regular printers are equipped to do.


    When you print something with your traditional office printer, you have to change the document each time you want to customize the print, which can be impractical in larger print jobs. Those who use digital printing presses have a huge advantage, as there is a variety of software that can be used to customize the output during the print run.

    For example, variable data software connects with a database allowing you to customize each print piece you're producing.

    Bringing Digital Press Printing In-House

    A digital printing press allows you to produce high quality printing without breaking the bank. If you find yourself printing brochures and booklets off bimonthly, or if you currently have a contract with an offset press for small print runs, it can do wonders for your budget by transitioning to a digital printing press.

    Talk to a Copier/Print specialist to determine if your high volume, high quality projects could benefit from a digital print press.

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