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    7 Benefits Marco MPS brings to Retail Businesses

    By: Dan Larkin
    September 29, 2016

    Whether you know it as MPS or Managed Print Services, Marco’s managed solution for retail print environments provides significant benefits to its customers. On one level, the retail print environment faces the same set of needs in terms of supply, maintenance, usage and repair as other businesses. But, retail print environments have additional needs specific to their industry. 

    Managed Print Services Benefits Retail Businesses

    I’ve outlined seven of the main benefits our customers who utilize Managed Print Services experience. If you’d like a closer look at how MPS benefits a retail customer, read our Customer Case Study.

    1. Creates a Single Print Environment

    Managed Print Services for retail businessesRetail chains with regional, national and global reach can operate all of their print devices on a single network. Meaning each and every print device is accounted for and reported on under a single contract.

    2. Provides a Single Point of Contact

    Managed Print Services customers have a single phone number and email to contact anytime they are in need – all that’s needed is a device's serial number for the request. Retail businesses, who often operate outside traditional eight to five business hours, can receive assistance during their hours of operation.

    3. Frees Up Your IT Department

    Typically, sourcing print assistance falls on the shoulders of corporate’s IT department. The time IT currently spends coordinating print services can be dedicated to other areas of business. 

    4. Keeps Expenses Predictable

    When print devices are maintained reactively, repairs and replacement can produce unexpected expenses that add up quickly. MPS allows your print environment to be managed under a consistent monthly investment.

    5. Reduces Personnel Costs

    Providing each store with the tools and support they need to function efficiently reduces personnel costs. When print problems occur less often and resolve more quickly, workflow keeps moving, and you’re not losing revenue to inefficient equipment.

    6. Collects and Reports on Data

    Without adequate data, print expenses are difficult to budget and forecast. Our comprehensive reporting metrics provide corporate with a big picture of what’s occurring at the store level and for the entire network as a whole.

    7. Keeps Corporate In-the-Know

    As a result of the comprehensive reporting data, MPS removes any unknowns corporate offices currently have about their print environments. This visibility provides the qualitative and quantitative data for informed decision-making.

    Marco MPS for Retail Businesses

    Marco’s Managed Print Services overcomes some of the biggest obstacles currently facing retail print environments. It provides a process for maintenance and sustainability, while supporting areas for growth. Talk with a Marco representative to learn how MPS can benefit your retail business.

    What is MPS for Retail? Download the eBook


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