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    5 Tips for Selling Your Board of directors on Managed IT

    By: Dustin Bonn
    November 27, 2018

    Even when you realize how impactful Managed IT Services can be to your organization, some other key stakeholders may need some convincing. The members of your board may have varying knowledge of Managed IT or IT in general, and it's up to you to detail how this opportunity is one worth pursuing. Here's how to get started:

    5 Tips for Pitching Managed IT to Your Board

    5 Tips & Tools & for Selling your Board on Managed ITAs you prepare to approach your board and sell them on working with a Managed IT provider, include the following tips in your preparation, discussion and presentation. They will help you demonstrate the impact Managed IT could have on your organization.

    1. Know What Services are (and Aren't) Provided 

    It's not immediately clear what is and isn't covered under Managed IT Services. The potential provider you're working with can provide you with a breakdown. For instance, you'll want to be able to elaborate on what's included in the maintenance and monitoring services, security services and support services from your provider. 

    2. Detail How Managed IT Services will Affect Your Budget

    Collect all of the current business expenses that would be offset by Managed IT Services. If the question is whether it's better to hire an internal IT employee or invest in Managed Services, consider the expense of recruiting, hiring, insuring, training, managing and promoting that employee.  

    Beyond staff expenses, there are some things your business currently purchases that are provided by Managed IT Services. Things like software and employee security training and security solutions, which include antivirus and spam filtering software, would no longer be an added expense when you have Managed IT. 

    3. Demonstrate the Ongoing Value of Managed IT Services

    Having your IT needs met on a daily basis is already a great benefit, but because of the data, analytics and reporting portion of Marco's Managed IT Services, you're provided with a client business review every six months. These reviews detail who is submitting tickets, who is using the services and how often the services are being used. 

    This information provides valuable information on what is and isn't working within your organization. A high volume of tickets in a certain area indicates a frustration within your business. It can let you know when equipment needs replacing or updating or if employees are in need of additional training. Basically, it keeps a pulse on your organization and enables you to make proactive decisions. 

    4. Prepare to Talk about Lifecycle Management

    Speaking of proactive decisions, lifecycle management is a component of Managed IT Services that goes well beyond just keeping the lights on. It looks at your organization's technology needs over the course of multiple years.

    Based on the analytics and reporting, we can help you determine and plan what will need updating in six months, two years or even five years. This lets you budget properly and get on schedule to stay ahead of any technology hurdles

    5. Provide Documentation and Analytics

    One thing that's important going into your conversation with the board is that these individuals are not the consumers or the end users on the solution you're proposing. That means well-documented data and analytics will be most helpful to their decision-making process.

    While your organization won't have its own Managed IT analytics at this time - because you haven't started the service yet - the managed provider you're currently working with should be able to outfit you with documents and example reports so you can better illustrate the potential and ongoing benefits Managed IT Services will bring your organization. 

    Marco Can Help You Sell Your Board on Managed IT Services

    Finally, because you are more familiar with the members of your board and you may be able to anticipate their questions, share those concerns with your potential managed provider. Sometimes the struggle is explaining Managed IT to a non-technical board member who doesn’t understand how the solution functions. 

    The key here is to focus on the value the solution brings to your organization and provide the board members with relevant collateral that explains what the service includes, how the ongoing reporting works and what can be expected. To learn more about pitching Managed IT to your board, contact a Marco rep. To figure out if Managed IT Services will benefit your business, use this checklist: 

    Will Your Business Benefit from AmplifyIT Services?  Get Your Checklist Now

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