5 Types of Pricing Models for Managed Print Services

By: Dan Larkin
November 22, 2021

startup-849804_1920As you shop around for a Managed Print Services provider, select one that offers pricing that fits your business needs. You can use this reference of common and uncommon/emerging pricing models for understanding and clarification.

In some cases, however, pricing might not be specified or could be hard to find. Therefore, it’s important for you to know which pricing models each provider offers before making a final decision.

At Marco, our Managed Print pricing model is accessible to businesses of all sizes. We work with small, medium and large businesses and organizations. And because Managed Print Services are not one size fits all, we work with our customers to build out a solution that works for them. Once businesses have Managed Print, they automatically know how their investment in the service will change in the future.

Marco's Managed Print offerings can be customized and scaled up or down to meet the individual needs of any business. The easiest and most reliable way to choose which best serves your business, is by meeting with a Managed Print specialist.

Common Pricing Models

The three most common pricing options for Managed Print Services are: Cost Per Print, Toner Only, and Service Only.  

pexels-anete-lusina-4792285Cost Per Print 

Calculating your current cost-per-print provides a starting point to understand your organization’s print costs for your total print fleet. It will provide a snapshot of how much it costs you to print on each device, and it will provide a baseline for understanding how much your organization pays to print (on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, depending on your calculations). The easiest way to determine your cost-per-print is to work with a print provider and install software on your network to track prints, real-time. This method will produce the most accurate results. The alternative option is to manually gather the information needed and do the math.

The cost-per-print option is a comprehensive option to address the costs for toner, parts and service labor in a cost-per-print basis against the volume of prints made.

Toner Only

This benefit of this solution is, it ensures you use each toner cartridge to its full potential, so you get the most value for the money you spend. With a Managed Print Services program, your toner usage is tracked remotely, so when it is low, replacement is automatically sent. Automated delivery service is made possible by software that monitors the toner use in each printer or multi-function printer in your office. Automated delivery service allows your staff to spend more time on priorities instead of worrying about how much toner you have, when it needs to be replaced, or worse, running out of toner and not being able to print important documents.

The toner-only option addresses only the supply side of print device needs. Most often, this solution covers labor costs on the devices for which customers purchase toner cartridges. However, it does not typically include parts or travel; those are additional charges.

Service Only

With Managed Services, businesses never pay for printer repair. With our management software, a malfunctioning copy machine will let us know it’s having a problem and, if we can’t solve it remotely, we’ll dispatch a technician to fix the issue. All maintenance is performed by a certified technician, and best of all, any maintenance costs are covered through Marco’s Managed Print Services.

The service-only option typically is an annual service or labor agreement that includes some consumable parts, as well as travel and labor. However, this option does not include non-consumable parts or toner; these come at an additional charge.

Uncommon/Emerging Pricing Models

In addition to offering the common pricing models for Managed Print Services, Marco leads the industry by providing organizations with two uncommon or emerging pricing models to best serve the needs of all businesses.

pexels-fauxels-3184287Per Device

The per device option is exactly what it sounds like—you're paying an amount based on the number and type of devices you include in your Managed Services plan. So, the number of devices in your IT infrastructure determines how much your managed services are going to cost. We believe this approach enables our customers to access contract pricing that aligns with their specific needs. We’ll supply any necessary equipment and manage your fleet, in addition to providing recurring supplies and services.

Flat Rate

When you work with Marco for your Managed Services, one of our jobs is to understand what your expenses are and how you can use your investment to get the best result for your business. Our Technology Advisors will help you to develop a realistic plan with an affordable monthly investment where your technology is managed and your business is supported. Marco’s Managed Print Services program is paid monthly, with no initial investment. This means businesses are never surprised by additional charges or unexpected increases.

Be an Educated Buyer

Eliminate the confusion of working with multiple vendors and the time spent paying numerous invoices every month. With Marco, you have one vendor for supplies, maintenance and other services. Knowing the pricing model varieties that exist can make you a more educated buyer. You'll be able to understand a provider’s options and discuss which option is right for you.

As one of the top three managed print providers in the nation, Marco has Managed Print Services down to a science. With over 650 technicians and engineers on staff, we have the capabilities, resources and expertise to help businesses of any size, in any industry.

The next step is determining which services to include—and Managed IT Specialists can help with that.

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