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    5 Assets You Need to Understand Cloud Computing Basics, and Beyond

    By: Justin Bigger
    July 28, 2015

    Cloud_Computing_Capabilities_eBookWhat questions do you have about cloud computing? From cloud computing basics to the advanced details about your infrastructure, we have the resources you need to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the cloud.


    What is Cloud Computing and What are the Different Types?

    Our CTO Steve Knutson sat down to define cloud computing and explain the basics of each type of cloud solution in this video:

    • Public
    • Private
    • Hybrid

    In this video he highlights the differences and similarities of each type of cloud, and touches on business needs and applications that align with each.

    Is the Cloud Right for Your Business?

    With all the hype about cloud computing, it may be easy to simply jump on the bandwagon. However, “because everyone else is doing it” isn’t a good reason to implement a cloud computing solution. Determine if a cloud environment would benefit your business by downloading this checklist.

    Is Cloud Right for Your Business? Download Free Checklist

    You’ll be asked to answer Yes/No to statements related to your organization and finances, data and applications and your infrastructure. Based on your answers, you’ll be able to determine if a cloud solution can help your organization and your employees work more efficiently.

    Public Cloud vs Private Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud



    Each type of cloud solution is designed to suit different needs. This video explains these differences in an effort to help you determine which cloud type will best fit your organization. It also recaps the following questions:

    • What is cloud computing?
    • Do you need it?
    • What options are available?

    What are the Differences Among Cloud Types – Pricing, Infrastructure, Etc.?

    How much does it cost? What do all the different services mean and which is right for my company? Will my company actually benefit from cloud services. This eBook answers all of those questions and introduces the role of a services provider, and the value they offer to your cloud environment.

    The Cloud Can be Confusing, But We're Here to Help. Get Your Cloud Capabilities eBook

    Logistics for Your Transition to the Cloud

    Prior to moving to the cloud, some questions need to be answered about your current infrastructure and business needs. This questionnaire provides items to begin considering as you prepare for implementing a cloud solution.

    What Questions Should You Ask Your Cloud Provider? Download Free Questionnaire

    The Help of a Cloud Specialist

    If you have any remaining questions specific to your organization, your best option for answers is a cloud specialist.

    Or, to begin discussing logistics for your cloud solution, request a consultation with a specialist.

    What cloud service is right for your business? Talk with a Specialist

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