4 Ways Marco Does Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Right

By: Marco
September 27, 2019

To borrow a phrase from Ghostbusters, UCaaS crosses the streams (or more accurately, combines them). It takes all the ways you communicate - phone, voicemail, email, social media, chat, texting, video conferencing, conference calls, screen sharing - and unifies them into one system that gives you access to everything in one place. And while merging these mediums, platforms and technologies could've created a mess, it resulted in a communication technology that's greater than the sum of its parts. 

Detailing the benefits of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) to clients, customers, associates and anyone else who might benefit is a regular part of my day. And as a strategy for improving the way businesses communicate, it’s very powerful.

Here's a little bit about why Marco is great at helping organizations implement this technology...

#1: Partnering With Mitel

Mitel and Marco go way back. We have been partners for more than 30 years, and Marco is one of only two platinum partners with Mitel. Our knowledge of their products is extensive, and our technicians have already worked through any installation or configuration challenge you can think of. 

UCaaS.pngMitel’s products are both cross platform and cross media. Cross platform means their systems work and play well with existing software and networks. Cross media means they also work seamlessly with most media - audio, video, text - and all the ways those three can be combined.

Finally, Mitel does well in ratings. When compared with other vendors in the field of Unified Communications, Gartner rated Mitel as a leader in three areas and a visionary and challenger in two others. In terms of Gartner’s magic quadrant, it’s difficult to beat that.

So, that’s the long way of saying we are proud to be a steadfast partner with a company that excels in leading the market of unified communications.

#2: Keeping Services Flexible

When we assess a company’s readiness for UCaaS, Marco has a flexible approach. If you like your phone/voice carrier - Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc. - you can keep it. We don’t force you to choose a new carrier; our products and the way we implement them are designed to integrate with what you have. That said, we can certainly provide new carrier services if needed. Our goal is to improve your communications in revolutionary ways, not just make changes.

#3: Measuring Our Dedication to Customer Support

While a lot of companies claim to have the fastest, highest quality, most responsive support, very few prove it. We measure our support services on a support card that covers a variety of factors. We measure ourselves based on industry standards, but we also measure our support services against our own more difficult standards. In those moments when an issue does arise, know you can get the help and guidance you need, fast. Here are the numbers:

  • 92% overall customer satisfaction 
  • 98% calls are live answered in 7 seconds

#4: Ensuring Services Stay Cutting Edge

When I look at what Marco offers and compare it to competitors, I am confident we have the most technologically complete and comprehensive collection of communication technology tools. From IT projects with Unified Communications, Cloud, Carrier Services, Managed IT, Audio/Video and Copier solutions - we offer a full suite of solutions for your needs. In fact, the customer with sophisticated needs who wants the latest technology will find it in Marco’s offerings. We can provide all types of customers the capacity to do more than innovate - we can help revolutionize future growth.

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