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    3 Reasons to Update Your Wide Format Printer

    By: Jeff Vetter
    April 26, 2017

    Deciding when to update and what factors should play into the choice to update your wide format printer can be difficult. If you take the following three benefits into account, you'll develop a clearer picture of when the time is right to update your wide format printer.

    #1: You Want Smoother and Faster Performance

    Just because you have had the same wide format inkjet or laser printer for two or three years doesn't mean it has to be replaced. When you hear "update," it doesn't necessarily mean replacing an old device for a new model. More often, it means your current device needs a little help keeping pace with changing factors both within your company and in your industry.

    For example, software manufacturers and operating system developers are constantly reviewing and updating their programs to keep up with the demands and needs of consumers. When these changes occur, your wide format printer may not perform optimally anymore.

    Driver and firmware updates are particularly important for device performance. When you load driver updates, your printer is likely to run smoother and faster as it maintains a better and clearer connection with your computer or print station. Additionally, firmware updates have the potential to simultaneously decrease paper and ink waste and boost print speeds.

    #2: You Need to Keep Up with Increasing Print Demands

    3 Reasons to Update Your Wide Format PrinterSometimes, changes in print demand can be solved by updating a current device, and other times it requires replacing your equipment with a newer model.

    If your company's growth requires higher print volumes, driver and firmware updates alone may not be enough to boost the production of your wide format printer to meet new output demands. Likewise, the need to print higher quality projects may indicate the need for a newer model.

    Other factors that contribute to the need for a new device include the need for larger print sizes, spacial needs (modern devices are often smaller), versatility (numerous print projects in one day) and the level of resolution needed in your business's prints.

    #3: You're Replacing Aging Parts and Equipment

    Last but not least, every wide format printer has a reasonable life cycle and usage limit. At some point, your device will slow down or fail altogether because the system of moving parts that act in concert to produce your print projects can’t keep up. Some problems that indicate your device has aged out include: 

    1. A paperfeed mechanism not operating as well as it used to
    2. A lack of memory to handle the large digital print files
    3. A motherboard that decides to fail in the midst of a print job

    The older your printer gets, the more likely these and other issues will arise. And we all know about the Peter Principal - if it is going to fail, it’ll do so when we need the machine operating at its best. Instead of scrambling to get a new wide format printer in a moment of desperation, plan ahead and do your research so when you do need to buy new, you'll be well informed and confident in your decision.


    Overall Benefits

    As you read, there are many positive benefits that come with updating your wide format printing device. Upgrading your wide format printing equipment allows your company to access advanced capabilities available only in new devices (faster output or better finishing options), increased efficiency and cost savings. Newer wide format printers offer more efficient use of supplies like ink and toner and advanced features like power saving modes to further boost your bottom line.

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