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Technology is our business. But, it's not what keeps our customers coming back. Because, the thing is, you can have the latest and greatest technology, but if you don't have good people backing it up, you won't get the best return on your investment.

Good people take the time to get to know your needs and make sure you get the right products for your business. They don't oversell or undersell. Good people also make implementing your new technology as easy as possible by managing all of the details. And good people are there long after your technology is installed.

So we make it our priority to hire the best and brightest. And then invest in their skills on an annual basis. Over half of our employees are certified systems engineers and technicians who are certified at the highest level for their area of expertise. But that's just part of the equation. We're also expert listeners and problem solvers. Because if we can't determine what you need, all that training won't make much of an impact.

Finally, we're led by an experienced and respected leadership team with a tenure ranging from one to more than four decades. Because the best cultures are created from the top down.

Jeff Gau Jeff Gau

Jeff Gau

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff joined the U.S. Air Force out of high school, where he received a series of prestigious promotions. Afterward, he graduated from the University of North Dakota in three years and immediately t…

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Doug Albregts Doug Albregts

Doug Albregts


Doug joined Marco's team as President in 2019. He is a highly respected leader in the technology industry and came to Marco with a long list of accomplishments. Before joining Marco, Doug serv…

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Jonathan Warrey Jonathan Warrey

Jonathan Warrey

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan has raised the standard of excellence at Marco since he joined the company in 1996 as a sales representative, after graduating from University of North Dakota. He quickly earned leadership…

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Jennifer Mrozek Jennifer Mrozek

Jennifer Mrozek

Executive Vice President of Business Development

The book of Jennifer’s life would be titled Small Town Girl. This central Minnesotan girl turned business executive by using her distinct combination of analytical and communication skills…

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Steve Gau Steve Gau

Steve Gau

President of Copier Division

Steve is a highly respected sales veteran in the technology industry and a coveted speaker on many topics, such as production print solutions, sales growth and effectively expanding client relation…

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Todd Erne Todd Erne

Todd Erne

President of IT Solutions

Todd often says he holds an MBA “from the Harvard of the upper Midwest,” also known as St. Cloud State University. He joined Marco's team in January 2016 as Director of Sales and was promoted …

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Bill Shuey Bill Shuey

Bill Shuey

President of Eastern Region

Since he started his professional career, Bill has used a consultative sales approach to offer clients personalized solutions. In 1992, the recent college graduate worked as a Fax Sales Specialist …

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Scott Roeder Scott Roeder

Scott Roeder

Vice President of Operations

If Scott could trade places with anyone for a week, he would choose Bruce Springsteen. Even though fans don’t scream for him daily, Scott is popular at Marco for his genuine, sincere personality an…

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Patty Funk Patty Funk

Patty Funk

Vice President of Marketing

Patty has over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing. She joined Marco in 1987 and has held various marketing positions within the company over the years. She was appointed Marketing …

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