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    Your Organization Might Already Be a Sourcewell Member

    By: Jason Boutwell
    June 6, 2017

    Did you know Sourcewell membership is for organizations and entities, not individuals? That's right. A Sourcewell membership is available to government entities, educational entities and nonprofit organizations. And, your organization might already be a member, without you even knowing it. This means you may already be eligible to reap the numerous benefits of Sourcewell's competitive solicitation process, right now.

    How can this be? Keep reading ...  

    Sourcewell Membership Opens Your Organization to Many Opportunities

    Your organization might already be an NJPA memberHere's a scenario I've encountered: I'm talking to an IT Director who's interested in Sourcewell membership so they can purchase a new phone system at the price Sourcewell has already negotiated with Mitel. Through our discussion, I'll mention how once they're members, they can have access to Sourcewell cooperative contracts for other products and services as well, like printers, furniture, diesel generators, food and food services, roadway maintenance and construction.

    Sourcewell holds contracts with hundreds of manufacturers, and a single membership gives your organization access to them all. Naturally, this leads the IT Director to wonder if other departments in their organization know about Sourcewell. 

    Any Department in Your Organization can Benefit from Sourcewell Cooperative Contracts

    When the IT Director checks with the Business Manager a few offices down, one of two things occurs:

    1. The Business Manager says, "Yes, we used Sourcewell when we purchased X, Y and Z last year. We're already members."
    2. The Business Manager says, "Not that I know of, but that sounds like something we ought to be a part of." 

    You see, most organizations join Sourcewell so they can access a single solution, like a new phone system, at the price Sourcewell has already negotiated. And sometimes they use their membership for that single purchase. But most of the time, they take advantage of the hundreds of other purchasing opportunities Sourcewell membership brings. It just has to start somewhere. 

    Getting Started with Sourcewell Membership

    In order to access Sourcewell cooperative contracts, your organization or entity has to become a member. Check with the other managers and directors in your organization to see if you're already Sourcewell members. A quick email or a sticky note over the coffee machine should get the job done. If you're not already members, get the ball rolling. 

    Sourcewell membership is no cost, no obligation and non-exclusive. Meaning there is no risk to join, and no pressure to purchase. You can learn more about Sourcewell membership by contacting a Marco Rep.

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