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    Why You Should Have a Mobile Sales Team

    By: Trevor Akervik
    August 7, 2014

    mobile_sales_teamIn today’s world, it is vital for businesses to understand that customers aren't always buying from you because of your product; they're buying because of a relationship. You aren’t the only business providing superior product design and features. It is easier than ever to open a web browser and find a cheaper alternative that can essentially do the same thing, for less. Having the ability to develop relationships is necessary for attracting, engaging and winning customers today. Although there are many ways to accomplish this, one proven method is a successful sales team.

    Your Mobile Sales Team

    Your sales team is often the first memorable impression your business will make. Your team members are shaking hands and making introductions – it is unlikely clients will remember the first advertisement they saw, but they'll absolutely remember the first meeting. This is why it's so important to make sure your team has the ability to make this one-on-one contact, and leave a positive, lasting impression.

    Preparing Your Business

    In order for your sales team to perform well during these customer interactions, it’s important to provide your team computing capabilities no matter their location. There are four areas to address; each one will help define how well your mobile sales team is able to perform.

    #1: Location Independent Integration

    If you want your sales team to be truly mobile, they will need to have complete integration, regardless of location. Whether they're in a client’s office, traveling or on-site, they need access in order to do their job well. They should be able to send and receive emails, make calls and send and receive text messages – but much more is needed to be truly productive…

    #2: Access Important Documents

    True location independence means that your mobile sales people can run a virtual office. They should be able to access important documents or use required applications whenever, wherever needed. The best way to do this is through cloud computing. With cloud computing, your sales team can have a full set of tools to conduct business wherever their customer is located.

    #3: Enter Orders from Anywhere

    When a client is ready to make an order, you’ll want to be ready. This means that your mobile sales team should have remote access to an application that allows them to enter, order and even process payments. Provide your mobile employees every capability they need to close the sale on the road; you’ll be able to see the return in no time.

    #4: Help From Anywhere

    No matter how skilled your sales team is, they could encounter difficulty at some point. The ordering application may have an issue scanning a credit card, or a document may not load properly; technology isn’t foolproof, and when it fails it is essential to have access to help. Instant access to a help desk – even when they're not in the office – is key for recovering from these technical issues that may arise. Your help desk should be prepared to address the difficulties that a mobile sales team might face.

    With the right applications and training, you can create a successful mobile sales team. They'll be able to produce sales that you may not have had access to previously, by offering customers what they want – a relationship they can trust and rely on.

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