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    What's Missing in Most Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Offerings

    By: Trevor Akervik
    April 15, 2014

    cloud_infrastructure_as_a_serviceCloud computing can be the difference between efficiency and inefficiency. Cloud infrastructure can connect an entire business and allow it to work as a collaborative team instead of individuals. Businesses use the cloud to improve productivity. Accessing files is a breeze, communication is more efficient and employees spend less time doing repetitive tasks and more time doing the work they're hired to perform. However, moving to the cloud has been known to cause issues, especially right after migration.

    The Help Desk

    The old cliché is that in business, time is money. Anyone who's had the opportunity to run their own business knows just how true this is. Like all technology solutions, in order to get the most out of the cloud, you might need some help and support. Running into a problem or issue that causes delays is frustrating, especially without access to effective resources for assistance. A help desk, available through a hosted cloud program, is designed to provide answers and solve your problems quickly, instead of sending you on a goose chase through the Internet to find the solution on your own.

    Common Problems Encountered in the Cloud

    Here are the most common problems businesses may face during the transition to the cloud:

    Learning to Use Applications with the Cloud

    No matter how experienced your employees are, chances are they're going to encounter challenges when trying to use certain applications in this new environment. They might not be able to save files in the way they are used to, or they might not know how to direct the application to access files stored on the cloud. Without a knowledgeable person accessible to help, the employee will need to search the Internet for the answer, or interrupt someone in the office who may be able to help.

    With the help desk, the employee simply needs to make a call to gain access to an expert who can guide them through the process step by step. Internal distractions and interruptions can be eliminated and the answer will be provided much faster.

    Securing Important Information

    One of the main fears you may have about switching to the cloud is the security of sensitive information. This concern typically comes to the surface when working on a confidential document that is only meant for certain employees within the business. Without proper instruction, you risk saving the file where it can be accessed by anyone. Needless to say, the release of sensitive information can do tremendous damage to a business.

    Calling the help desk for detailed instructions to ensure your important files remain secure is a simple process. The risk of accidentally releasing confidential information is minimized and your question is answered at the moment it is needed.

    Teleconferencing on the Cloud

    Teleconferencing can either be hugely productive or a time waster for employees. Let's say you've set up a teleconference with a business partner. During the teleconference, one of them asks for a copy of a document pertaining to your discussion. You're not entirely sure how to send it to them, so you're forced to stumble while your employees struggle to figure it out, killing the momentum of your presentation.
    Although cloud computing enables you to do this easily, not knowing how makes this simple task very frustrating. Once again, the help desk can walk you through this process, allowing your meeting to proceed uninterrupted.

    One Call for Help

    Not having access to a help desk can cause issues throughout your cloud computing experience; you or your employees will have to struggle through the problems on your own, creating a less-than-ideal experience. With access to an effective help desk, you have a virtual team of experts on call - experts who will work with you to ensure your business runs smoothly. Request a consultation with a Cloud Service Specialist to talk through cloud computing options for your business.

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