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    Which Business Phone Solution is Right for My Government Agency?

    By: Jason Boutwell
    February 27, 2018

    Government agencies face difficult management and administrative tasks on a daily basis. And when it comes to a service like telephone communication, the solution is often anything but basic. This is especially true when some agencies are contained within four walls and others have employees spread out across different offices and remote locations. 

    The right phone solution is needed in order to effectively provide for the needs of employees in a government agency. However, what exactly constitutes the proper solution for a government agency - based on needs and budget? The answer is available courtesy of Sourcewell and Mitel; through Sourcewell's cooperative purchasing contracts, government agencies can get a high-quality telecommunication solution that suits all their needs and fits within their budget. And they can do that without completing the request for proposal (RFP) process.

    Consider the potential for each of the government agencies covered below.

    City & County Commissioners

    Which business phone system is right for my government agency? Commissioners require a high level of communication with both peers and local constituents, which often consists of a number of meetings in the average week. Commissioners need to be accessible, and Mitel business phone solutions can help.

    With the right communication technology, local commissioners don't always have to be present physically to be an active participant. Whether it's accomplished through advanced teleconference systems or video conferencing, commissioners can participate in daily and weekly meetings even when their job has them on the road.

    Additionally, Mitel business phone solutions provide connectivity between desk phones and mobile phones that alleviates the need for commissioners to give out a personal phone number to remain in contact with both peers and the public.

    Court Systems

    Today's court systems are overwhelmed. For example, a lot of time and money is spent transferring defendants from jail cells to the courthouse for legal appearances. And sometimes, that money is wasted when court backlogs result in a defendant's case being delayed.

    Using the same audio and video technology from Mitel that provides a commissioner with the flexibility to travel around the local area and still be present in meetings, the court system can save time and money having defendants appear in court via video conferencing. A defendant's lawyer can be present in the jailing facility with their client, provide adequate legal representation and save money and transportation time in the process.

    Local Law Enforcement

    Which business phone solution is right for my government agency?Mitel business phone solutions also make it easier for different local agencies (police, highway patrol and sheriff's department, for example) to remain in contact with one another.

    When meetings are required to coordinate security and public safety for upcoming local events, law enforcement officials can use teleconferencing and video conferencing solutions to conduct meetings without taking time out of their day to meet in the same physical location.

    Highway Departments

    Mitel business phone solutions aren't all about phones on a desk, internet connectivity and cameras in a room. By integrating mobile phones with a Mitel system, employees are empowered to communicate in their most productive workspace, rather than being tied to in-office desks. Instead of relying on outdated broadband radios to communicate, members of highway safety and repair teams can coordinate with each other on mobile devices to remain in constant contact. This also makes it easier for the department to respond quickly to emergencies on the roadways.

    Mitel's options range from VoIP desktop phones with call-forwarding technology, to advanced teleconferencing and video conferencing systems that allow government employees to be present in meetings despite physical location.

    With research and help from a knowledgeable IT professional, any government agency can find a business phone solution that best suits its budgetary and operational requirements.

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