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    Use Telecom Carrier Consultants to Guide Internet Connection Decisions

    By: Jeff S. Olson
    July 8, 2015

    The Internet is making our world smaller. Your business, no matter what size, can reach consumers on the other side of town or across the country with ease, but only if you have the Internet connection required to do so. Whether you simply use the Internet to connect your offices and remote workers, or maintain all of your operations in the cloud, your company's Internet connection is extremely important.

    This means that your partnership with a technology services provider is important as well. Working with an experienced and trusted technology provider, like Marco, will ensure you have the Internet connection you need to successfully conduct business. Here are just a few reasons why your Internet connection and technology partner are important.

    A Reliable Connection is Vital

    internet_connection_and_a_technology_providerRegardless of the industry your business operates within, your Internet connection is the backbone of daily activities inside and outside of the office. Each day your employees communicate with one another through email and chat/IM services - courtesy of the Internet. Communication, collaboration and data sharing all rely on a consistent connection to make it possible to get work done productively.

    Additionally, your company may have employees in branch offices, working at partner organizations or even contracted workers using a home office who rely on your business Internet connection to get work done each day. A reliable connection allows each of these remote workers to share large files with ease, conduct conference calls and use screen sharing to enhance collaboration across distances, for example.

    The technology partner you choose to work with understands the importance of the Internet connection, so it's important to choose wisely.

    Your Internet Connection is More than JUST Connectivity

    A quality Internet connection isn't just about the ability to send an email, receive an instant message or conduct online research in the office. Any information about Internet connectivity should include details about performance, speed, reliability, efficiency and accessibility. 

    For example, consider download and upload speeds. Sharing large files, using cloud applications and hosting VoIP calls (and much more) require fast upload speeds for quality performance. At the same time, retrieving shared files, online resources, new programs, etc. require fast download speeds to maintain productivity. This is just one example that underlines the importance of a quality Internet connection. In most circumstances, not having the right Internet access can severely affect your business performance. 

    Find a Partner that Understands Your Connectivity Requirements

    A trusted technology partner can recommend the type of connectivity that suits your specific business, not just the average business. Your online connectivity demands are unique to your business and the technology being used for operations, and an experienced technology provider will be able to help you get the services your company requires. 

    When selecting a carrier to provide you with the necessary connectivity, ask the following questions:

    • How will the connection reach my business?
      For a physical connection, ask about the method of delivery, redundancies built into the system and dedicated Internet access. For a wireless connection, ask about the type of technology employed and how it could be impacted by weather or other factors.
    • What happens if there is a connectivity issue?
      A reliable connection is crucial, so ask about support services. You can't afford to wait for 9 AM Monday morning to solve a connection issue that arises at 5 PM on a Friday.
    • Ask for references.
      Inquire about other companies using their services. Then don't be afraid to inquire with those references about their level of satisfaction.

    The big takeaway here is the importance of doing your due diligence. With so much riding on your Internet connection, you can't afford to make the mistake of choosing the wrong carrier. Your technology partner is a great resource when making this decision, because they will take the time to understand your unique needs.

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