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    The Value of Leasing Your Wide Format Printer

    By: Jeff Vetter
    October 9, 2015

    As you consider which financing approach to take in obtaining a new wide format printer, you'll likely read a lot of information about various benefits. While it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of buying or leasing a wide format printer, it's also important to focus on the value that comes with each of those decisions. The following factors highlight the value your business gets from leasing a wide format printer...

    Industry Experience and Knowledge

    While your business is focused on developing architectural designs, CAD drawings for interior design and building or artistic creations, a managed print provider supporting your lease of a wide format printer is focused on the printing performance. You are in the business of developing the products that are printed on a wide format device, but your provider is focused on gaining insight into print developments and advancements.

    When you work with a managed print provider on a lease agreement, you don't have to worry about the changes that impact the industry and your equipment. Your provider has the experience and knowledge to help you select the best device for your business, manage its usage life and help you update to a new device when the time is right.

    Stay Up-to-Date on Changes


    As alluded to above, it's important to remain focused on changes in your industry, whether that's architecture or artistic design. It's difficult to effectively manage your business and keep a close eye on the changes in color technology, advances in print speed or changes in the quality of prints from wide format devices.

    Leasing a wide format printer with a managed print provider will not only keep you up-to-date on changes in the industry, but they'll keep your company up-to-date as well. When significant changes occur that can impact your business, a managed print provider can bring in new software programs that make it easier to take advantage of changes. Leasing allows you to upgrade your entire device on a regular basis too, ensuring you always have the fastest, most reliable device on the market.

    Monitor and Support Your Usage

    Value, in this case, means more efficient productivity around the office and cost savings on the operation of your wide format printer. Managed print providers can analyze your current printer and compare its abilities to your operations requirements. Using automated supply delivery, you'll always have the paper, ink and toner you need to stay on task and get projects done in a timely manner.

    Most importantly, you don't have to hire any additional employees to manage your IT environment. A managed print provider supports your wide format printer lease by offering support when you need it. Again, they bring experience in repairing and maintaining your devices, offer the knowledge required to tackle issues and keep your device operating efficiently.

    One-Stop Shop

    If there's one value factor that stands out above the rest, it's the comfort you receive from the one-stop-shop mentality of your managed print provider. From the moment you lease a wide format printer from a provider, your life has gotten simpler. Whenever you have support issues that need to be addressed or supplies that need to be order, all you need to do is call your provider. There's no need to waste time getting quotes for maintenance or comparison shopping ink and toner shipments.

    On top of that, a single source makes it easy for your business to get support in person or on the phone. Whether your business operates from one location or has multiple offices scattered throughout the region, a good managed print provider will be there to support each of your locations with the same level of service.

    Best of all, you may find that your wide format printer lease connects you with a company that can offer other beneficial services to your business, such as cloud computing services and managed IT assistance.


    The next time you think about upgrading your wide format printer, go beyond the simple benefits and drawbacks comparison of leasing. Dig a little deeper and you'll discover the value of leasing a wide format printer goes beyond pros and cons, giving your business a real return from the partnership you develop with a managed print provider.

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