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    Print from Anywhere in Your Office – Here’s How

    By: Marco
    March 22, 2016

    If you have ever arrived at a meeting and realized at the last minute that you forgot to print documents to share with others, there is a solution. Printer technology has evolved to include mobile printing, letting all of us avoid those last-minute scrambles.

    How Printing from Anywhere Works

    MARCO_Mar16_PrintFromAnywhereTo take advantage of the role that mobile devices have in the workplace, you need to enable printing from smart phones or tablets. Creating a mobile printing environment in your office is the first step toward experiencing these benefits. This requires adding either mobile printing applications and software or mobile-enabled devices. For a breakdown of these options and additional information check out what creating a mobile printing environment looks like.

    For mobile printing, you’ll need:

    • A device capable of printing documents (it may be independently capable or require added software)
    • A wireless connection to a printer
    • A printer

    Mobile Printing Improves Efficiency

    A mobile printing environment makes it easier for guests to access printers. For instance, a client could easily print a document saved to their mobile device without having to find a computer. Or, while meeting with a client you realize a certain document would better illustrate a point, you could print from your mobile device with minimal interruption to the conversation.

    Mobile printing keeps employees connected with their work without having to be at their workspace. By wirelessly sending data from your smart phone to the nearest mobile-enabled printer, you’re able to get the documents you need without access to a desktop computer. Time saved by optimizing print technology can be spent on other priorities.

    How We Can Help

    Long gone are the days of being tied to your desktop computer throughout the workday. Smart phones and tablets have allowed for more workplace freedom, and now we've added the ability to print from anywhere in your office. As technology develops, tasks can remain at your fingertips regardless of location.

    At Marco, we can enable mobile printing in your organization's workplace. If you’re interested in learning more about how mobile printing can benefit your business, contact one of our experienced print specialists.

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