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    An Inside Look at Marco's Social Squad

    By: Patty Funk
    July 24, 2017

    Creating and sustaining a strong corporate culture takes time, intention and a lot of passion. And in many ways, the sustained growth and success of our organization is due to the company culture we cultivate. One way Marco builds community is through our Social Squad. 

    Read on to learn about Marco's Social Squad and its positive impact on our culture. 

    An Inside Look at Marco's Social Squad: Fishing Opener Fun

    Social Media is Integral to Marco's Company Culture

    From day one, we encourage our employees to like our Facebook page. It's one of the best ways to get to know our company and join a corporate community that spans 47 locations in multiple states and includes over 1,100 employees. With an organization that's as large and geographically dispersed as Marco, maintaining a strong, replicable culture throughout is no easy feat. But our Social Squad helps make it a reality. 

    What is Marco's Social Squad?

    We have about 15 employees who are members of our Social Squad, with a minimum of one person from every state we're based in. We felt it was important to focus on sharing from all of our offices, not just our St. Cloud headquarters. Each squad member has the opportunity and ability to make social media posts on behalf of Marco on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and most recently, Instagram.  

    Our ideal social squad member is someone who has a good presence on their personal social media pages, likes to get employees engaged and takes pictures when opportunities present themselves. We seek out the "office cheerleader" types. While social squad membership is a lot of fun, it occurs in addition to regular job duties and requires commitment, so we ask our members to be active as much as they can. If a member doesn't feel that they are able to make the committment, they often recommend another co-worker that they think may be interested.

    An Inside Look at Marco's Social Squad: Red Noses

    An Opportunity to Empower Our People

    Our Social Squad, through social media, strengthens our culture and our brand. We are fortunate enough to have an organization whose leadership recognizes and reinforces the importance of company culture. From Facebook Live updates to sharing photos of inter-office pranks, our Social Squad represents the trust we place in our employees to self-manage and use their own best judgment. 

    It's important for our employees to have the freedom to embrace and showcase fun happenings around the office and community events they engage in. 

    A Valuable Recruiting Tool

    Recently, we've put more intention into using social media as a recruiting tool for career openings within Marco. Videos promoting current openings are a great opportunity to tell our story in compelling ways. In fact, these videos are some of our most widely shared posts.

    A Way to Engage Our Employees, Customers and Communities

    In addition to strengthening our organization from the inside out, Marco's social media presence and Social Squad also build connections with the communities Marco serves. These efforts allow our customers and community members to see our organization as more than just a technology company. We often receive comments from the public about how much fun we have and people notice that we're out in our communities. 


    In short, our Social Squad effectively strengthens relationships throughout our many locations. The posts allow everyone in the company to see what's going on in the other offices and provide opportunities to get to know each other. A lot of times, employees don’t get to travel to the other locations, but social media sharing makes it possible for everyone to participate from wherever they are. 

    If you're looking for ideas on what to share on your company's social media sites or how to build a strong presence, visit one of our pages to get started. 

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