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    Marco's Retail MPS Implementation Process

    By: Dan Larkin
    January 30, 2017

    Before receiving the benefits Managed Print Services can bring to retail print environments, you do have to move through the implementation process. Luckily though, we've both refined and streamlined the process to ensure it goes smoothly. 

    What can I Expect with a Retail MPS Implementation?

    Marco's Retail MPS Implementation ProcessFor retail businesses, implementing Manged Print Services can appear more daunting than it truly is. New customers question the geographical hurdles of being spread across regions and states. In reality, these obstacles are less significant. Below, I've outlined three things you can expect throughout the implementation process.   

    #1 A Dedicated Project Coordinator

    At Marco, each retail MPS implementation has a single, dedicated project coordinator responsible for overseeing the process from beginning to end. The project coordinator identifies the location of each individual retail location and print device, selecting a site contact for each location and coordinating the labeling of each print device. 

    #2 Uninterrupted Workflow

    Retail businesses already function with their own printers and print devices, so implementation focuses on taking over the responsibility and management of the already functioning print environment.

    The labels on each print device include location-specific identification, which means when the toner is automatically ordered or repairs and maintenance are requested, there is no confusion as to which device is in need of supplies or service.

    #3 Quick and Efficient Implementation

    Based on our experience implementing retail MPS, it takes about 30 days to onboard a 100-store retailer. During that time frame, your devices continue to function and your business continues to operate without interruption. When the onboard is complete, the service and management of your print environment become the responsibility of Marco.  

    MPS Retail: Resources and Information

    Throughout the process, your project coordinator remains your primary touchpoint and contact. Once each device is labeled and all relevant data is in our system, your project coordinator will ensure both corporate and store locations are kept informed every step of the way.

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