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    Implementing Your Unified Communications Solution [Video]

    By: Matt Kanaskie
    September 14, 2017

    UCaaS combines telephony functions like voice, video, chat and collaboration into one, seamless stream of communication. Further, it functions regardless of device or location, meaning these features are available on your mobile, computer, desktop and on the web. It's the solution that's revolutionizing workplace communication, and Marco's UCaaS, powered by Mitel, is second-to-none in the marketplace. 

    One area where I receive the most questions from potential customers is implementation. Here's what implementing UCaaS looks like...

    Implementing UCaaS with Marco


    One unique thing about Marco's UCaaS is our ability to provide demonstrations, proof of concept and handsets out to a customer location to help them get a feel for the product before deployment. This way, you can prove the technology and prove the functionality of the solution. I've found that providing a demonstration is one of the most effective ways to increase adoption and get customers to buy into the solution. 


    The average onboarding process is between 60-90 days. And it typically takes another 90 days for customers to fully adopt the technology and become very comfortable using the tools on a daily basis. So, you're looking at about six months from the onset of the solution to full, functional user engagement. 


    And it's at that six-month mark where users start gaining efficiency and begin believing in the solution. It's also at that point when users start to tell others about the solution and list the ways in which it has helped them. Like many new technologies, UCaaS is something that customers tend to push back on initially. But once we show them how easy it is to use and how everything is integrated, their perspectives change pretty quickly.

    When they begin to use the solution, it's amazing how those hesitations change to them recommending others to use it as well. That way they can seamlessly communicate with them too.  

    UCaaS Implementation Plan

    When a customer commits to implementing Marco's UCaaS, they're assigned a project manager who works through an implementation plan for how to deploy the new solution. This includes a thorough analysis of every user, every extension and every phone number as well as assimilates the features that were requested in the order with the end user.

    We provide end-user training, feature guides, webinars and leave-behind documentation to ensure your company gets up-to-speed on the solution and utilizes all of the new features to maximize your return on investment. Want to learn more about Marco's UCaaS? Connect with a Communication Technology Specialist.

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