How to Get More Microsoft License Benefits From Your MSP

By: Marco
June 15, 2023

What’s so hard about getting a Microsoft 365 subscription for your business? Besides the initial setup and ongoing maintenance, you’ll need to configure it correctly to take advantage of Microsoft’s advanced security features. 

If you have a skilled in-house IT team, they can certainly take care of this for you. But if they’re already pressed for time, you’ll probably be far better off getting your license from a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for a number of reasons. 

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Advantages of Purchasing Microsoft Licenses Through an MSP

Microsoft is an incredible company that invests billions of dollars every year in cybersecurity. Their products are incredible. Their service and support — not so much. Microsoft knows this, so while you’d think you could always get a better deal by buying directly, they’d actually prefer that you go through a service provider, which is why… 

…They actually encourage us to offer better deals than they do.

The Top 5 Advantages of Buying From an MSP

In the case of Microsoft 365, you should definitely rethink cutting out the middle man. Managed Service Providers can help you get more ROI out of your subscription, and save you money at the same time. 

1. Better SupportIT Support team

Microsoft has robust web content to help you troubleshoot issues, but it can still take a long time for you to figure out what’s wrong, let alone resolve the problem. Your provider, on the other hand, is ready and waiting to take your call. For example, at Marco, our US-based team of 650 certified systems engineers and technical representatives is here for you 24/7, with 96% of calls answered within 10 seconds. 

2. Eliminate the Blame Game

Is it your software or your connectivity that’s to blame for a disruption? If your provider does more than just provide Microsoft licenses, they should be able to fix the problem with your software, no matter how or why it happened. 

3. Experts Handle Security 

There are a multitude of ways to improve security throughout Microsoft 365. But these settings aren’t automatic. Your MSP will know the best ways to safeguard your organization from malware, spam, phishing, data breaches, and more. 

4. Get More for Less

Getting your subscription through a large national provider like Marco comes with some really nice perks. One of the biggest is that we can negotiate volume discounts with Microsoft for larger numbers of licenses, and then pass those discounts on to our clients. 

5. Get Help With User Migration

If you bought Office 365 through a platform like GoDaddy, you might not be able to transfer it directly. You might also need to migrate users if you are currently using an on-premises mail server or a Google workplace. An MSP can simplify this process so your productivity won’t be affected. 

How To Buy Microsoft Licenses From an MSP

You know you want Microsoft 365, for less money, better support, and with less work on your part. But buying the same license from different providers could result in a very different experience. 

Here are our top tips: 

  • Find a provider with a comprehensive set of tech skills. As you take advantage of more cloud solutions, you might find that your internet connection isn’t up to the job. Today’s technology is more interconnected, so a provider that also helps clients with connectivity might be more helpful down the road. 
  • Try to find a provider that is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. They’ll be able to help you resolve any Microsoft-related problems just as well (if not better) as a Microsoft employee could. 
  • You may get different rates from different providers, so it’s a good idea to call around. Generally speaking, a larger provider will probably be able to secure a better rate for you than a smaller one. 

Okay…yes, that tech provider we were describing is us! If you’re at a point in your research where you’d like to have a  more in-depth conversation with a Microsoft expert, click the button! 

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