How Marco’s Client Center Is Designed to Save You Time

By: Marco
January 2, 2023

If you’re a Marco client, you probably know that for a technology provider, we put a lot of thought into perfecting your experience with us. While technology will always have a certain degree of complexity, our new online Client Center was designed to simplify how we communicate and put time back in your day. 

It’s not just another portal. You probably have experienced a few of those account management hubs from your healthcare provider and your bank. Our Client Center does you one better — it’s a better way to shop, resolve technology issues, stay informed, get tips, and much more. 

Everything You Need in One Place

Did that invoice get paid? Was your issue already resolved remotely? What did we recommend the last time you talked with us? You are always welcome to pick up the phone and call us, but if you’re multitasking, our new Client Center has quick answers to these questions and many more. You can also easily manage your cloud subscriptions in the same place. 

Speed Through Supply Orders

How much time does your staff take to order ink and toner, and do they ever accidentally order the wrong cartridges? This is an easily solvable problem. Once you get set up in our Client Center, you can speed through ordering routine supplies in a few quick clicks. Office supply scams are still commonplace, so using fewer vendors can also make fraudulent invoices easier to spot.

Skip the Research 

When it’s time to replace or upgrade any hardware or software, what solutions would work well with what you’re already using? Lots of new tech tools are competing for your dollars, but some of them over-promise and under-deliver. 

Our marketplace only contains products that we have found to work reliably and securely. Our custom recommendations for you are also accessible in our Client Center, so you can skip the research and get exactly what you need. Plus, thanks to our strategic partnerships with top providers, we can provide our clients with competitive pricing.

Faster Issue Resolution

We always try to recommend solutions that aren’t high maintenance. However, every now and then your tech may need troubleshooting or repair. In just a few clicks, you can initiate a service request in our Client Center and track its progress, including if a technician will need to be dispatched to your location and when they’ll arrive. 

These days we are often able to solve many issues remotely. But either way, the Client Center is the best way to speed things along and stay informed.

Want Us to Work Even Harder for You?

We’ll be adding new features to our Client Center as we go. But if you’d like to see, for example, pro tips or how-to videos around a certain topic, please let us know! 

Our new Client Center is designed with you — and your online security — in mind, but it can only save you time in your day if you use it! When you’ve got a few minutes, check it out!

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