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    You Can Upgrade Your Organization's Phone Systems and Stay on Budget

    By: Jason Boutwell
    December 22, 2017

    Due to strict budgets and competitive solicitation guidelines, government agencies, school systems and nonprofit organizations often run into struggles and frustrations when updating their technology. The process of purchasing new phone systems can be lengthy and doesn't guarantee desired results. In an effort to alleviate these pressures, Sourcewell has a solution.

    Sourcewell is a government entity that aims to help these specific organizations invest in equipment and technology upgrades, such as new business phone systems, through an easy and affordable process. To understand exactly what this means for your organization, let’s take a closer look:

    Sourcewell Contracts

    Sourcewell-webSourcewell serves as a contracting agency serving government, education and nonprofit organizations. The agency has established a national cooperative of contractors and vendors providing technological solutions to help eligible organizations save time and money. The consolidated effort for competitive solicitations creates a streamlined process that allows government, education and nonprofit entities to upgrade products and services, including phone systems. 

    Sourcewell contracts make it easier for your organization to satisfy its requirements by providing pre-arranged competitive solicitations for products and services. All of the heavy lifting of the traditional process is already done for you by Sourcewell; it is up to you and your dealer to determine the equipment that is necessary for your specific needs. For example, an education administrator in need of a new phone system could work with their dealer to quickly and efficiently design and acquire a custom Mitel phone system that suits specific communication requirements – simply by using the Sourcewell contract.

    Sourcewell membership is free, and it comes with no liability or obligation to purchase. As a member, you face no minimum contract purchasing requirements. Additional benefits include:

    • Satisfied competitive solicitations requirement
    • Contracts completed on your behalf
    • Aggressive, competitive pricing
    • Industry leading product and equipment selection
    • Flexibility to select the equipment, products and services you really need
    • Time and cost savings

    Why It Matters

    As the purchasing authority in a city government, school district or nonprofit agency, the purchasing process can be exhausting and costly. It is common for competitive solicitations to come in that match needs, but are over budget. Likewise, some come in that are under budget, but lack the equipment required to meet your needs.

    Using Sourcewell contracts is a smart choice for your organization. Through Sourcewell, you’ll experience a streamlined process that presents your organization with custom solutions that match your needs, without consuming all of your time or budget. 

    The advantages of Sourcewell membership make it easier for government, education and nonprofit agencies to acquire the phone systems and other communication technology needed to operate effectively.

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