FAQ Video: What Is Sourcewell + Other Questions

By: Marco
September 20, 2021

What is Sourcewell? That’s a question I’ve answered more times than I can count. Still, I never tire of telling people what Sourcewell is and how it can impact nonprofit organizations, educational organizations and government entities. Maybe that’s because I’ve seen firsthand the benefit Sourcewell brings. Here’s a quick video FAQ on Sourcewell:

What Is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a joint powers authority. Essentially, it’s a contract that allows end users to take advantage of pre-negotiated pricing so end users can focus their energy and their budget dollars on the efforts of implementing and using technology instead of searching for it.

Often times, in the public sector, organizations have to spend their money on advertising, drawing up RFPs and hiring consulting firms to ensure they’re getting exactly what they desire to obtain. But, Sourcewell goes through those processes for you.

How Can Sourcewell Help?

Chances are, if you need it, Sourcewell has already been through the process of negotiating on your behalf a contract with the vendors that are out there in a particular category to help you quickly determine which vendor provides the best product and service to meet your needs.

They’ve got contracts and pre-negotiated pricing for a litany of things, including the following:

  • Diesel generators
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Managed print technologies
  • Phone systems
  • Food service
  • And more

Who’s Eligible For Sourcewell Benefits?

If you’re a nonprofit institution in the United States of America, you’re eligible. Because institutions and organizations qualify for membership, not individuals, odds are you already are an Sourcewell member.

Marco works primarily with IT leaders, but oftentimes whomever handles procurement in your business office already uses Sourcewell for purchases unrelated to IT.  

What’s The Cost Of Sourcewell Membership?

Sourcewell membership is free, and it’s easy. If you have any interest in more information on that, I encourage you to reach out to Sourcewell directly, or we can play Cupid and introduce you to the organization, if you prefer. 

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