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    Employee Engagement Matters at Marco

    By: Patty Funk
    April 12, 2018

    It might sound cliché, but our employees truly are an extension of our brand. And as we continue to grow, we’re committed to focusing on our employees and creating an environment where they can be happy with their workplace, committed to their roles and dedicated to their personal well-being. Here’s a look at how and why we do it.

    Promoting Employee Engagement

    Without engaged employees, there’s no way Marco would be where it is today. Just about anyone reading this can probably think back to a time where they worked with a customer service representative and thought, “Wow, that person does not like their job.” That’s a reality of our world, but it’s not an experience we ever want to provide.

    At Marco, we understand the needs of our clients, and our employees are the ones who are out there listening and solving their problems. In order to uphold our high standards for customer service, it is essential for us to have high levels of employee engagement. And for us, employee engagement starts with a fun and friendly workplace that people want to be a part of.

    In order to create this environment, we focus on three key areas to support employee engagement.

    1. Work Satisfaction

    Employee Engagement Matters at MarcoBeing satisfied with one’s work begins with their experience. This involves connecting and building relationships with co-workers, maintaining communication and making time for team building events and activities. We allocate budgets to all of our locations, departments and individual employees so that they can participate in activities and help build a strong culture. These activities can include anything from escape rooms and summer BBQ’s to long-distance secret Santas, which help maintain connections within departments that span multiple locations. 

    2. Employee Commitment

    When employees enjoy what they do at work each day, they stay motivated to achieve their goals. We make an intentional effort to ensure our employees have the tools and resources to excel at and make the most of their careers.

    One fantastic resource we’ve created and customized over the years is an internal learning and development program. Topics range from communication to Lean 101 and new management training. A new opportunity we’re launching this year is an employee book club focused on professional development.

    3. Personal Well-Being

    Employee Engagement Matters at MarcoFor employee wellness, we want to ensure employees have good personal health, as well as secure and low-stress economic health. We promote numerous opportunities that support the physical and financial health of our employees. 

    Each year, Marco sponsors the Earth Day Run put on by CentraCare Health. We promote this event to our employees, cover a portion of the registration fee and provide a Marco shirt to wear on race day.

    In terms of economic health, we ensure our benefits are comprehensive and truly beneficial to our employees, and we provide resources and information to help employees save for retirement and manage their financial health. Beyond this, we have an industry leading third-party assessor conduct regular compensation reviews and advise us on how to maintain wage equity among all Marco employees.

    In addition to providing the resources and environment for our employees to thrive, we also listen to what they have to say. We conduct a 100 question customized employee survey annually to find out what is important to our employees and identify areas for improvement. Because we know that maintaining employee engagement requires effort and intention, we’re invested in hearing what our employees have to say and using that information to constantly improve.  

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