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    Effective business Communication Tools

    By: Matt Kanaskie
    May 24, 2016

    Nearly every project begins and ends with communication. In fact, workplace communication functions as the foundation for almost everything a workplace accomplishes. Communication is how we delegate tasks, make requests, give congratulations and so much more.

    Because communication plays such a vital, day-to-day role in business, making communication more effective can bring about greater efficiency and productivity. Understanding how your business communicates is the first step in making your workplace communication more effective. Take a look at our infographic for a snapshot of how businesses do and don’t communicate effectively. For a larger view, click the infographic.

    Effective Beneficial Tools Infographic

    Know How Your business Communicates

    An essential first step in improving business communication is understanding how your workplace actually communicates. If employees enjoy their workplace’s communication methods, they’re more likely to do so more often and more effectively. Alternatively, if employees must communicate in ways they dislike or are uncomfortable with, it will happen less frequently.

    Communication Hurdles between Managers and Employees

    It's important for employees from different departments and different levels within an organization to communicate effectively to complete their work. The day-to-day tasks and priorities of a manager are vastly different from the tasks and priorities of someone he or she manages. If managers and their employees lack productive communication, there can be a disconnect in employee engagement and performance can decline.

    technology that simplifies Workplace Communication

    Unified Communications is one form of technology that helps to simplify business communications. With Unified Communications, organizations can easily manage various forms of communication. Imagine if your business email, phone, fax, instant messenger, conferencing tools and document management all worked together seamlessly, making information transfers smooth and consistent. Unified communications eliminates the technological hurdles of business communication, creating a solid foundation for efficiency and productivity.

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