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    Business Security Do's and Don'ts

    By: Mike Burgard
    September 20, 2019

    Protecting businesses from security threats is an ongoing battle for today’s businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses across the nation continue to be prime targets for cybercriminals preying upon those who don’t have a strong handle on their security. So, how does a business go about protecting itself? The first step is to arm yourself with information. 

    Cybersecurity Best Practices 

    Business security is no longer something that’s nice to have; instead, it's a necessity. Today’s businesses need to maintain an increased awareness of security in order to protect themselves from cyber threats. Here at Marco, we’re dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes gain access to the information they need to ensure their practices are actually protecting them. That’s why we offer a completely free Small Business Network Setup Checklist offering information on the top security best practices for today’s businesses

    Access Security Checklist

    But we didn’t stop there… 

    Infographic: Business Security Do’s and Don’ts

    Protecting your business has a lot to do with the tech-heavy, network security best practices, patches, firewalls and antivirus software. But often, keeping a business safe from threats has a lot to do with arming employees with the tools and information they need to help keep your business safe. 

    It’s been my experience that employees want to help protect their company, but they need to be shown how. This is why I’m sharing the following infographic. It covers a handful of do’s and don’ts that can be applied to just about any business. The information is accessible to even the least technical employees, and I recommend sharing it with everyone in your network. 

    Marco Security Do's Don'ts InfographicAs you saw in the infographic, addressing a handful of areas can help increase medium and small-business cybersecurity throughout your entire organization. Giving your employees the know-how to navigate computer usage, passwords, email, internet and portable media will empower them to take steps that can keep your business safe. If you’re looking for some insights into what your internal policies should be regarding physical and network security, check out our checklist of IT security best practices.

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