The Benefits of Removing Hardware from Your On-Premise Data Center

By: Marco
November 20, 2013

Networking equipment has been a staple in business environments since the beginning of technology, which is where the need for data centers developed. These rooms and equipment have always been necessary for operations and generally make our lives easier. Today, cloud computing technology is minimizing these needs and transforming office environments. 

The Effect of Technology Advancements on Office Environments

Data Center

The beauty of technological advances is continual improvement, and today that is happening very rapidly. The first computer was life-changing, but it required such a large amount of space it filled a room. Today’s tablets and smart phones mirror many of the life-changes the first computer gave us, with an added benefit of being able to fit in your pocket or purse.

Businesses are accustomed to adapting to these frequent technological advances. It is often necessary to stay relevant, productive and capable of performing to the new standards these advances create. One of the most significant technological advances affecting businesses today is cloud computing.

Cloud computing, more specifically IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), is going to change your office technology environment – for the better. The changes this technology and service create will affect other areas of business, resulting in additional benefits.

A Change for the Better

The adoption of cloud computing can initiate many improvements and produce beneficial changes that affect how your business operates. IaaS, one of the service level options within cloud computing, transfers the responsibilities of your IT infrastructure to a provider. One of the major changes this initiates is the elimination of capital investments and reduction of hardware in your data center currently providing your business networking infrastructure. Here are a few of the benefits, which we believe offers improvement opportunities for your business.

Space Saving

Businesses with an on-premise data center understand the equipment investment required to support an effective IT infrastructure. Servers, hard drives and back-up power supplies are some of the common, costly pieces of equipment your business requires to operate. Not only is this equipment expensive to purchase, but it also has to be replaced as the equipment ages and loses its capabilities to support your requirements.

Data CenterMost businesses have some type of data center or server room that houses this equipment. Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud will eliminate a significant amount of this equipment, freeing up space within your office. You will use your cloud service provider’s hardware resources of which are housed in a secure, off-premise data center.

Cost Savings

Energy: In line with the space saved, you will save costs on the energy this equipment needs to operate effectively. In addition to the hardware itself, you will save on the energy needed for your data center’s cooling requirements. The larger your networking equipment infrastructure, the more cost savings you could realize.

Hardware: Additionally, your business will experience cost savings because capital investments for hardware replacement are no longer required. Your cloud services provider is responsible for supplying, maintaining and upgrading hardware. This also gives you access to the latest, most reliable hardware without having the responsibility of replacing your own equipment.

Scalability: IaaS is scalable, which means you won’t have to continually buy equipment as your business grows, or be stuck with the costs when your business doesn’t require it. Cloud services allow you to pay for what you use. Changes and adjustments are made as required, once again, saving you money.

Improved Resource Allocation: Finally, we want to introduce the cost-savings associated with transferring these responsibilities to a cloud services provider. Let the experts manage your IT infrastructure so you can manage your business OR your IT department can manage and improve operational effectiveness OR your office manager can manage your daily administrative operations. Cloud service providers allow your business to refocus on priorities without interruptions, improving the allocation of your most valuable resource – your staff’s time – while saving you money.

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