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    When You Should Consider Print Management Outsourcing

    By: Dan Larkin
    May 4, 2020

    Where does print management land on your list of priorities? For nearly any business or industry, effective print management can provide significant benefit. Still, many businesses treat it as little more than an afterthought. Why? Because no one has the time or passion to dig in, take control and reap the benefits of a well-managed print environment. 

    We find many organizations believe their print technology is currently being monitored and well managed; but upon taking a closer look, it is simply isn’t the case. This is the result of print management being handled in-house, which often means there is a lack of strategy and that no single individual owns the responsibility. This, combined with time constraints and a low level of expertise make print management difficult to perform effectively in-house.

    Without care and attention to detail, print costs and workflow can easily get out of control.

    So, what's a business to do? It all starts with trusting the experts. 

    Trust the Experts

    Believe it or not, there are people who are passionate about managing printing technology. This passion, backed by experience and expertise, is what makes working with managed print providers worth it. In general, Managed Print Service providers are equipped with a team of skilled people willing and able to effectively take over your print management responsibilities.

    First, these experts will assess and analyze your fleet, taking into account your current equipment, business needs and growth goals. From this point, recommendations will be made for machine placement, capabilities and utilization to create an optimized printing environment.
    Next, your team of print management experts expands, as your equipment plan is implemented.

    Customer care reps sitting at the computer helping customers

    Specialized team members will perform the necessary tasks and be available for support or maintenance on your devices. Your printing technology will also be monitored and automatically send alerts as service and supplies are needed.

    Additionally, help desk support is available to answer your questions, provide problem resolution and assist you with any changes in your organization that would require adjustments to your printing fleet.

    Cut Costs

    In addition to this expert assistance, there are significant cost-saving opportunities for companies that implement an effective Managed Print Services (MPS) program. MPS, by definition is “a service offered by print providers to assist businesses with streamlining print management and lowering costs.”

    The costs associated with printing can add up to between 1-10% of an organization’s total revenue. Putting a print strategy in place that effectively monitors and manages your fleet of equipment can provide your organization cost savings of up to 30%. Experienced Managed Print Service providers have mastered this capability, providing the knowledge and expertise to perform print management accurately and efficiently. This allows your internal staff to stay focused on their priorities without the distraction of printer issues.

    Here are some additional resources to further help explain how outsourcing your print management to a print provider can save you time and money:

    Refocus Your IT Department & Priorities

    Outsourcing your print management responsibilities removes this burden from your IT department, or other employees who have been assigned these tasks because there is no one else to do them. Most organizations have found that it isn’t cost effective to dedicate staff to this responsibility.

    Give time back to your IT department and allow them to focus on your core business priorities, innovation and infrastructure management.

    Print Management Companies

    At the end of the day, choosing print management outsourcing can provide a whole host of benefits. It's truly amazing the level of impact a group of highly-skilled, well-resourced print professionals can have on a business print environment.

    It's common to see cost reduction with a more streamlined print environment. There's also the benefit of having fewer problems occur.

    With a focus on monitoring and prevention, print management companies can help you experience fewer incidents of equipment failure.

    With their expert staff, they can recommend the best software and hardware to fit your operation style and your industry.

    And with dedicated staff deeply immersed in the shifts and evolutions within the print industry, a print management company can help keep you in compliance with any regulatory requirements.

    These things combined make outsourcing to a print management company well worth consideration. After all, what in-house teams are truly capable of providing this level of attention, care and resources? 

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