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    Have You Consolidated Your Printer, Scanner, Copier Fleet?

    By: Marco
    December 19, 2017

    Have You Consolidated Your Printer, Scanner, Copier Fleet?Print technology provides some of the greatest tools available for workspace efficiency, helping to speed up processes and cut costs. One of the ways this can be seen is through the consolidation of print technology, rather than having a printer, scanner, copier, etc. for each function. Investing in a multifunction printer - a device that can perform a wide array of functions - is oftentimes a worthwhile purchase. 

    Advantages of Consolidating

    There are many reasons your printer, scanner, copier and fax functions should be combined into a single, multifunction device. These advantages include:

    • Saving office space
    • Knowing how to use a single machine instead of many different machines
    • Working with a single company for service and repair needs
    • Performing many tasks at the same time
      For example, it can scan while copying or send emails as faxes are sent and received.
    • Tracking machine usage using software and management services
      This advantage allows you to easily identify areas of waste.

    These benefits provide a clear picture of how offices can improve workflow and save costs through consolidation. Additionally, here are some of the disadvantages of a non-consolidated print fleet:

    Disadvantages of Non-Consolidated Fleets

    There are many disadvantages to having unique machines for different functions. These disadvantages are usually easier to see in larger organizations, but the same issues affect small businesses, too.

    Multiple Vendors Cause Challenges

    Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to having many machines is the need to rely on multiple people or companies for maintenance and repair. Multiple service or maintenance agreements provided by multiple vendors can easily become frustrating and time-consuming. Meeting additional needs, like ordering supplies complicates the process further. 

    In addition to these challenges, employees must learn how to operate each machine. Every fax machine, scanner, copier and printer will operate differently, requiring additional time and attention from any employee using these devices.

    Office Space & Employee Time is Lost

    Inefficient use of space and employee time is also an issue with multiple, single function machines. Although some multifunction devices may be larger, they usually save space compared to having several different machines. When individual function devices have to be placed in different areas throughout an office, employees also waste time moving between several different locations. 

    Tracking Usage is Difficult

    The final disadvantage I'll cover is the challenge of tracking and monitoring usage. It is difficult to have a centralized way to track the use of a fleet of individual office machines. Organizations that do track usage usually have to resort to tracking the use of each machine individually, which is time-consuming and cumbersome.


    Request a free print assessment to find out more about the advantages of consolidating your printer, scanner, copier and fax equipment and how it can reduce frustration, eliminate wasted time and save your organization money.

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