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    Who is Responsible for Your Organization’s Copier Maintenance?

    By: Dan Larkin
    February 26, 2020

    Do you feel like the money you spend on office printing and printers is as efficient as possible, or does it seem like a game of whack-a-mole? A printer goes down, you fix it. A toner cartridge is empty, you order more. The printer runs out of paper, you borrow a ream from another print station. It can feel like your printer maintenance is always an afterthought.

    Printing efficiency and effectiveness is best supported by a single point of accountability for all of your equipment and supplies. It's important to assign this responsibility to one person, or one department, to avoid the situation where you and your employees are constantly wondering who is responsible for what, and who they can call when the printer is down.



    1.) Figure Out WHO HAS TIME

    While the obvious answer to “who has time” to manage copier and printer maintenance might be “no one”, one solution is to make it part of someone’s job description. Find someone who can make this an important priority. Of course, this point person will need to be at least somewhat comfortable with technology. 

    2.) Communicate Who is in Charge of Printer Maintenance

    Once you've chosen someone to take on the responsibility, the next step is to communicate their role in a number of ways — in meetings, through email and maybe even posted on a bulletin board near the printer.

    Once a system is in place for communicating responsibility, you and the chosen person can determine an escalation system so people will know what to do if printers fail and the normal fixes don’t work. 


    Here are some important factors to remember as you roll out this new responsibility.

    • Pick the person and provide a job description that includes copier and printer maintenance.
    • Ensure there is room in the employee's schedule for these responsibilities.
    • Secure additional training for this person. 
    • Consider changing or updating policies, especially if your print operations have been decentralized up to this point. 

    Again, don’t forget to communicate any changes to standard operating procedures around printing to the entire team.


    If your organization isn't large enough to have a person solely responsible for your printing needs, you need someone who has a strong understanding of technology, your organization’s workflow and your team’s processes.


    In mid-to-large organizations, a manager responsible for office technology is in the best position to assign someone to take care of printing technology. In most cases, this will be the IT department.


    If you are in a large organization, you may require a team of employees to manage the print technology scattered throughout various departments or office locations. This team will work closely with each other to manage your copiers and printers. 


    Assigning responsibility to a single person is important, but that person will often need help. Work with a Marco Copier/Printer Specialist to determine the best way for your organization to centralize your printing technology management responsibilities and implement a productive Managed Print Services program.

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