5 Things That Haven’t Changed With Marco All-You-Can-Print-Services

By: Dan Larkin
June 28, 2019

With decades of experience under our belts and current standing as one of the top three Managed Print Services (MPS) providers in the United States, it's safe to say that we know our stuff. Businesses choose to work with us because they know we’ll bring specialized print expertise and add ease to their print environments. Recently, we’ve introduced a new option for MPS, the unlimited print model.

Marco’s New, All-You-Can-Print-Services

Stack of paper clipped documents with a multi-function printer in the foreground. With our new model for MPS, we've eliminated a few of the things some businesses didn’t like: collecting printer meter readings, paying overage charges and receiving inconsistent invoices. But even though those areas changed, quite a few things have stayed the same. Under the unlimited print model, businesses still receive help desk support, speedy service and maintenance, critical data analytics, automatic toner replacement and convenient online services.

1. Help Desk Support

With Managed Print Services, businesses have unlimited access to help desk support. During normal business hours, experienced, tech-savvy representatives are ready and able to help you through whatever print-related issues you may be experiencing. Marco’s help desk staff have access to hundreds of experts they can tap into to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. On average, we’re able to solve 97 percent of customer support issues remotely.

2. Service And Maintenance

While the help desk aids in troubleshooting and solving day-to-day printer and copier needs, on-site service and maintenance visits are also included with All-You-Can-Print-Services. Just like any piece of equipment, copiers and printers require routine maintenance and the occasional service. With All-You-Can-Print-Services, all costs associated with printer and copier service is included, which means no additional invoices or charges.

3. Data Analytics

Collecting and analyzing data provides a window into business print environments. For example, many businesses are unaware that the placement of their printing equipment can affect both workflow and productivity.

Placing machines throughout your office in a way that supports the printing needs of your employees can be as simple as placing machines nearest to those who use them most frequently or positioning them outside of main work areas to avoid distractions. Data collected can provide key insights into the best ways to place and position printers and copiers to support employees.

4. Automatic Toner Replacement

With Managed Print Services, internally monitoring toner use and ordering replacement toner is a thing of the past. Instead, whenever one of your devices is coming close to needing a replacement cartridge, one is automatically shipped to your facility. And yes, if you have multiple locations, the toner will ship to the correct location of the printer needing toner.

5. Access To Convenient Online Services

Marco eStoreFront gives you quick access to 500,000 IT-related products, including the everyday technology odds and ends you need. With Marco eStoreFront, you can purchase all of those technology “extras” like laptops, desktop computers, keyboards and mice. Plus, easily and intuitively compare features and pricing and add recurring items to your favorites list, all while creating and managing orders with a first-class shopping experience. Everything about Marco eStoreFront is designed with convenience in mind.

Great Service With Less Hassle

With Marco’s All-You-Can-Print-Services, you can say goodbye to copy machine overage charges and collecting quarterly meter readings from every print device in your network. But, you still benefit from everything that’s stayed the same, including 24/7 client services support, ongoing service and maintenance, data analytics, automatic toner replacement and access to convenient online resources like eStoreFront. Ready to learn more? Contact a copier printer specialist today.

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