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    Is Marco’s All-You-Can-Print Service Right for You?

    By: Dan Larkin
    October 8, 2019

    someone pressing print on a multi-function printer

    Some of today's businesses and organizations have a big appetite for printing. Universities, hospitals, government agencies and large corporations are prime examples of operations that generate high print volumes. Some of Marco’s larger Managed Print clients are running more than 2,000 printers! That’s a ton of machines to keep track of, especially when they’re scattered across multiple office locations — sometimes in multiple states.

    Enter: All-You-Can-Print

    At Marco, we’re all about making our clients’ lives easier. We pride ourselves on taking care of all the heavy lifting, so clients can focus on productivity and profitability. That philosophy led us in developing our All-You-Can-Print service, and many of our larger clients are already enjoying the benefits.

    The Cost-Per-Print Alternative

    You see, traditional cost-per-print plans are excellent for many small and mid-sized businesses. They deliver economy along with the full suite of Marco Managed Print Services. However, when there are dozens, hundreds or even thousands of printers within a single organization, business or entity, moving to an unlimited plan can simplify things in three great ways:

    1. Flat Pricing

    As print volumes fluctuate due to sales cycles, seasonality, etc., so do the bills on a cost-per-print plan. This can disrupt a company’s budgeting proficiency and eat up time in the accounting department. With All-You-Can-Print, that problem becomes a thing of the past. The cost-effective bill is exactly the same, every month, without any chance for a surprise fee.

    2. No Meters

    Cost-per-print plans require customers to collect quarterly meter readings. That’s not a big deal if an organization is running two printers or even 20. But, when you factor in a big fleet of printers, that task becomes a royal hassle. Because All-You-Can-Print is an unlimited service, there’s simply no need for meters. Our customers really like that.

    3. No Rationing

    Every company hates getting hit with overage charges. That’s why so much time and energy is spent internally managing print volume. No employee wants to go over their quota of printouts for fear of a reprimand from management. This “rationing” can be detrimental to the proper documentation of business efforts. With All-You-Can-Print, there’s no need to worry. It’s all covered.

    All-You-Can-Print Services: The Whole Menu

    Marco is one of the country’s top three Managed Print Service providers. We didn’t get there because of machines. We did it with people and the services our 700+ experts and technicians provide. So, it should come as no surprise that every All-You-Can-Print customer receives the full complement of Managed Print Services.

    Support Desk

    At Marco’s support desk, hundreds of experts are at your disposal to solve problems quickly. 97% of customer support issues are handled remotely, to keep downtime to a minimum.

    Service & Maintenance

    With All-You-Can-Print, all the costs associated with on-site printer/copier service are included, so you’ll never see a surprise up-charge.

    Toner Program

    Marco remotely monitors your toner needs so you don’t have to. When a machine approaches the need for a new cartridge, one magically appears at your location.

    Data Analytics

    The data we collect provides insight into the best ways to place machines in your print environment, to streamline operations and boost productivity.

    If your organization is hungry for the most simplified and robust Managed Print Service from one of the nation’s leading providers, connect with a Marco rep to learn more.Talk to a Daas specialist

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