Conference Call Problems? A Polycom Audio Conferencing System can Help

By: Clay Ostlund
November 13, 2015

Tripp and Tyler, a comedic duo, produced a YouTube video that accurately captures all of the common frustrations that can happen during an audio conference call. If you haven’t seen it and are in the mood for a laugh, take a look: 

Here are a few of the frustrations featured:

  • If you are early to join the meeting or your other attendees are running late, you have to wait while awkward elevator music plays
  • Late entrances easily disrupt meetings that have already started
  • It can be difficult to determine who is on the call
  • Background conversations and noise disrupt the call
  • Access codes are required to enter
  • Difficult to direct and share the conversation
  • Low quality connections cause distractions, such as when conversation begins breaking up, echoing or dropping off completely

Some of these frustrations are solvable with a high quality audio conferencing system. Others are by an enhanced form of communication, primarily, video capabilities. As we all know, face-to-face interaction cannot be replaced with audio – but it is the next best thing.

However, quality audio conferencing systems, even without video capabilities, are very useful in businesses today. Polycom, an industry leader in conferencing systems, offers a variety of solutions for businesses of all sizes – here are just a few...

Advanced Voice Technology


The Polycom VoiceStation is available in two models, the 300 and the 500. Both feature three microphones that ensure full-room coverage as well as Dynamic Noise Reduction smart technology that reduce the distracting background noise (i.e. dog barking and other conversations, as in Tripp and Tyler’s YouTube video). Both systems are best suited for office and small meeting room use, accommodating 3-4 participants.

The VoiceStation 500 offers the additional benefit of Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect your mobile phone or computer, for hands-free communication.

Acoustic + Voice Clarity

Polycom’s SoundStation is available in many different models:

Each model offers a slight variation, but all are ideal for small and midsize conference rooms that seat up to 10. As with the VoiceStation, Dynamic Noise Reduction smart technology reduces background noises, plus Acoustic Clarity technology provides high voice quality. Microphones on the SoundStation systems have a pickup range of 10 feet.

Clearer Audio for Large Groups

The SoundStation IP is available in 3 different models:

  • SoundStation 5000: Features a 7 foot range microphone and accommodates meeting with up to 6 participants
  • SoundStation 6000: Accommodates up to 12 people with a microphone range of 12 feet
  • SoundStation 7000: With a 20 foot microphone range, this system is ideal for large conference rooms, auditoriums and boardrooms.

This audio conferencing system provides superior performance to conference rooms and executive offices of all sizes. In addition to the standard Polycom audio conferencing system features, this model offers interoperability with many SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) call platforms. SIP, in very basic terms, enables communication to occur over IP networks (instead of via phone lines). The SoundStation 7000 also offers configuration flexibility, with optional add-ons to create a complete videoconferencing solution.

Analog + IP Duo

Finally, the SoundStation Duo, Polycom’s dual-mode analog/IP conference phone, features the added support for analog and IP platforms. With this system you are getting the best of both worlds when it comes to audio conferencing. It is designed for small and midsized rooms and includes all the features of the standard Polycom audio conferencing system.


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