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    4 Ways Cisco Enterprise Integration Improves Your Current Data Center

    By: Todd Erne
    October 3, 2016

    The volume of traffic data centers are expected to handle is rising, and it’s expected to grow at an even higher rate in the next few years. In fact, data center traffic is projected to multiply 3x by the year 2019. Considering the pace of business and business technology, 2019 is practically tomorrow. 

    4 Ways Cisco Enterprise Integration Can Improve Your Current Data CenterImproving Your Data Center

    With a data center acting as the brain of your organization, it’s important to make sure it can handle the increase in traffic. If the demand on your data center becomes greater than its infrastructure can handle, servers can overheat, data transfers can slow or stall and surges to your power supply can occur.

    Any and all of these result in lowered productivity and increased cost to your organization. Implementing a Cisco Enterprise Integration can improve your current data center and prepare it for meeting future needs.


    4 Benefits of Cisco Enterprise Integration

    Cisco Enterprise Integration provides the following four benefits to your organization’s data center.

    1. Streamlines Data Center Traffic

    Three types of traffic comprise data center traffic:

    • Between data centers and end users
    • With other data centers
    • Within the same data center

    The majority of the traffic belongs to number three – the data center communicating with itself. With an enterprise solution, your data center will be better equipped to communicate both internally and externally.

    2. Provides Reliable Internet Connectivity

    Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) virtually connects locations, intelligently. SD-WAN eliminates the time, energy and cost associated with dropped calls, slow load time and offline sites.

    3. Enables Both Mobile & BYOD Workforces

    Employees can communicate instantly with each other and with the data center regardless of their location or chosen device.

    4. Protects Your Data

    A Cisco Enterprise Integration allows for ease of access while providing multiple layers of security. Through microsegmentation, additional security measures surround your data center’s tiers and devices, making security breaches more containable and more easily detected.


    Enabling Your Business with Cisco Enterprise Integration

    A Cisco Enterprise Integration will improve your data center by simplifying its processes. Being the brain of your organization, the data center cannot take a day, hour or minute off without jeopardizing an organization’s workflow. Improving your data center with the appropriate infrastructure, resources and capabilities specific to your needs enables your organization to succeed.

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