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    4 Connectivity Problems SD-WAN Solves

    By: Matt Erickson
    July 28, 2016

    Many businesses currently run on solitary high-cost, low-speed internet/MPLS, despite the abundance of available high-speed capabilities. Remember the ultra-slow DSL internet service most people had not too many years ago? Many businesses run on the industrial-scale equivalent, and it’s time for business to upgrade their capabilities without upgrading their monthly spend.


    What is SD-WAN?

    IWAN Connection

    Software Defined Wide Area Network was developed as a more comprehensive take on WAN. SD-WAN gives YOU control over your business connectivity vs a single provider’s contract and coverage. With WAN being a way of virtually connecting locations, SD-WAN was born by adding intelligence to the equation. In its simplest form, SD-WAN allows users to use multiple, cost-effective high speed connections that can add redundancy while connecting multiple locations.

    Problems SD-WAN can Solve

    Time and energy spent resolving connection frustrations add up quickly. Imagine how your workday would be different if the following connectivity-related issues were a thing of the past...

    1. Dropped Calls

    Communication certainly keeps the business world moving. Regardless of industry, both internal and external IP phone calls are a constant means of communication. A dropped call can mean lost information, a missed deadline or an angry customer. Not to mention glitch-filled video chats, which can cause more problems than solutions too.

    2. Slow Loading Pages

    We all know those cute kitten videos on the internet are important, but there are few things more frustrating than waiting with a customer while a page loads. Today's consumer applications directly compete with the experience of our business apps, SD-WAN is able to limit and offload this application traffic. Whether it’s in the banking, retail, healthcare or finance industry, if there’s a time to have high-speed connection, it’s while helping a customer. They may not notice lightning-fast connectivity, but they will remember a slow process.

    3. Sites Going Offline

    SD-WAN constantly runs over multiple internet/MPLS/4G LTE paths between devices. This means that in the event that one connection fails or degrades, there’s an alternate high-speed connection already active, and takes over. This means, even if your connection does go down, no work functions will be affected and the end users will never know.

    4. Security Concerns

    With SD-WAN, all electronic data is encrypted as it travels from data centers to the remote devices, ensuring user privacy. For example, people generally go to a local bank branch instead of traveling to a bank’s headquarters. While all your account data is housed through headquarters, it needs a way to safely travel to your local branch. In this scenario, your account information travels safely via SD-WAN.

    We Have the Technology

    Avoiding the problems outlined above comes down to enabling your business with an effective SD-WAN solution. Depending on your current situation, some businesses already have the necessary equipment and just need SD-WAN added as a feature, whereas other businesses may require a more extensive configuration. No extra time in the day to realize the ROI or increase the end user experience now?  Don’t want to manage multiple service providers? To discover how Marco SD-WAN can help you solve your business technology problems, contact a Marco specialist.


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