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    4 Benefits of Network Management Services

    By: Clay Ostlund
    September 21, 2015

    With 24/7 access to networks being essential in today's business climate, suffering through extended network downtime is not something you can afford. If you have network management services through a technology provider, you won't have to worry about downtime or the availability (or lack of) of your IT staff. Here are the top 4 benefits of network management services and how you could benefit from them:

    #1: Access to Experts

    network-management-services-MarcoThis benefit is particularly helpful for small businesses with limited budgets. Partnering with a technology company that provides network management services offers the expertise of trained IT professionals, without the cost of supporting full-time employees. Because the focus of a network management service provider is on supporting the operations of clients such as your business, they hire certified IT network professionals focused on helping businesses prevent and manage network issues.

    Network management services help control the expenses of your company, while properly supporting the diverse mix of technology that exist in your office.

    #2: Experienced Expertise

    IT talent is in high demand as companies everywhere continue to expand IT infrastructures and adopt cloud computing. With the help of network management services, you don't need to worry about hiring enough of the right people with the right expertise.

    It is the job of your network management service provider to recruit, hire and train network professionals capable of preventing, diagnosing and solving issues on your network. By partnering with a technology provider on a network management service, you get access to highly skilled and experienced individuals without having to recruit and train them directly. This saves your company time and money, without sacrificing the quality of the service and support you receive.

    #3: Routine Monitoring

    The best defense against network issues is a good offense. Routine monitoring allows your company to stay one step ahead of any potential issues that could impact your network. Routine monitoring prepares you to tackle these issues when they are small, minimizing downtime and mitigating the extent of the damage.

    Routine monitoring as part of your network management services provides a lot of benefits, but none are greater than the following:

    • Manage issues with ease: When your provider is actively monitoring your network on a regular basis, they are prepared to react when something does go wrong and even prevent issues from happening.
    • Avoid downtime: Routine monitoring helps minimize the amount of time your network is down because network professionals have a better chance of detecting issues earlier.
    • Better performance: Overall, routine monitoring allows network professionals to smooth out the bumps in the road before they become bigger problems, supporting better performance in the long term.

    #4: Optimized Operations

    Network management services as a whole actually consists of a variety of individual services provided to your business. This includes, but is not limited to, network maintenance, monitoring of attached network devices, monthly status reporting, implementation of upgrades/patches and user administration.

    Each of these helps paint a clearer picture of your overall network performance, allowing a network professional to better optimize the operations within your company. For example, monitoring the number of attached network devices enables you to visualize the IP-enabled equipment that connects to your network on the average day, making it easier to identify spikes in traffic and usages.

    As a result, your provider can determine whether or not your IT infrastructure and network are capable of supporting that traffic, and make adjustments to ensure your network operates efficiently.

    There's no need to struggle with network issues and costly downtime. Network management services offer a viable solution that keeps your company one step ahead. Talk with a network specialist today to see how your company could benefit.

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