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    10 Consultative Telecom Services That Will Save You Money

    By: Jeff S. Olson
    April 27, 2015

    telecom_services-1How are you connected to your work and the world? We can go without a lot of tools today, but connectivity is not one of them. You can have the best technology. But without robust connectivity, your technology and your organization cannot perform at optimal levels – or sometimes even at all.

    This is where telecom services become important for your organization. These services help ensure your organization has the proper voice, Internet and data carrier services you need based on your technology and goals. Below is a brief overview and description of all telecom consulting services available to your organization.

    #1: Invoice Auditing

    This process consists of two steps: data gathering and analyzing. Data from previous bills over 12-, 24- or 36-month periods is collected and reviewed. One of the primary comparisons is of current pricing structures against billing applications to ensure you are being billed competitive prices for your carrier services and not paying for services you need or want. If you believe you are being overcharged or there have been billing errors, this service is the first step in correcting that issue.

    #2: Needs Assessment

    Do you know what carrier services your business requires? More importantly, do you know if gaps exist between current services and operational needs? The needs assessment process helps identify what services your end users require, what peripheral systems your company may require and whether or not your current system is optimized for success.

    #3: Cost Analysis

    The name says it all here. When we conduct a cost analysis, we are looking into the price you pay for the services you receive. Your current systems and services are analyzed to determine whether they meet the carrier service needs of your business now, and whether or not they will support growth in the future. The goal is to increase your operating efficiencies while maximizing return on investment.

    #4: Service Optimization

    The purpose of service optimization is to help your company consistently meet its telecom carrier service needs while minimizing costs and mitigating risks. In simpler terms, service optimization analyzes your current carrier services to ensure they are providing the services, products and bandwidth you actually need. 

    #5: Carrier Recommendation

    Carrier recommendation is the process of determining which carriers offer the products and coverage your business requires. We can help your company identify the potential providers based on coverage areas, services, available products and cost.

    #6: Contract Negotiations

    Are you receiving the best possible rate for the telecom carrier services you receive? What about the services and products you are contracted to receive? When you submit a carrier services RFP, your final contract with a provider should be negotiated to ensure the services and products delivered in the end meet your operational requirements and business goals.

    #7: Account & Project Management Support

    Who manages your carrier accounts? What about planning for growth? In many organizations there is no individual responsible for identifying the future needs of the company and making recommendations for added products and services to match growth, simply because no one has the time or expertise to do so. Account and project management support services ensures that someone is keeping an eye on these needs for your company – to save money and set your business up for successful, sustainable growth.

    #8: Service Manager Support

    Service managers, also known as telecom consultants, offer support to you and your employees before carrier issues escalate into bigger problems. This support service offers rapid problem resolution, minimal downtime and improved communication. 

    #9: Renewal & Retention

    When your current telecom carrier service contract expires, you have the opportunity to renew your contract, negotiate a new rate or seek out a new provider. With renewal and retention services you can trust an expert to review your expiring contract, research alternative options and recommend the best option for your organization. 

    #10: Customized Service Records

    Trusted consultants will pull all documentation related to your current carrier services and provide a billing summary to you. Through this process we’ll update your existing billing services and document any trouble escalations you may have had. Equipped with this information, you or your service manager can contact your carrier and address the critical issues that need help or support.


    Why Consider Telecom Services?

    Members of your staff can do all of these services internally, however, it generally isn’t the best use of their time or resources. By relying on a telecom consulting service provider, you will experience these three advantages:

    1. Eliminate time spent learning all carrier solution options
    2. Reduce risk of choosing a solution that doesn't fit your organization
    3. Lower costs and avoid negotiation headaches with telecom expense management
    4. Take advantage of an experienced team of telecom carrier specialists

    If you believe your organization could benefit from one, two or all of these services, start the conversation and get on the path of time, risk and cost reduction.

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